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Dancing Caterpillar

Dancing Caterpillar -261/365

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The Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture  258/365 I have a difficult time telling apart turkey vultures from red tail hawks from a distance. This is a turkey vulture, as the Internet pointed out to me. Did you know there's an International Vulture awareness day? It's on the first Saturday in September every year. A group of vultures is called a […]

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Peek-a-Boo!  - 254/365

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Northern California Fall Colors

Mexican Sage- 247/365 In California, you know it's fall when the Mexican sage is in full bloom. The nice thing about this plant,  is it makes you look like a great photographer. It's such a beautiful flower and there are so many ways to capture it.

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A Bee's Autumn Harvest

Born and raised in Connecticut, one of the things I miss most about East Coast autumns are pussy willows. But Mexican Sage, Salvia leucantha,  makes up for it. -  240/365

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Not a Bumble Bee

(Not a Bumblebee) - 234/365 In Northern California, the Carpenter bees work into late fall.  

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Feather-Legged Fly

A bumblebee and pal gather nectar together -230/365 As the Internet pointed out to me this week, Robber flies can be deceptively similar to yellow-faced bumblebees. But for sure, this little yellow cutie-pie in the front here is definitely a bumblebee due to the long bent antenae. Also good to know: bumblebees have four wings and Robber […]

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Robber Fly, similar to the Bombus vosnesenskii, yellow-faced bumblebee  - 227/365 Somebody recently asked me if I had started naming my bees. As if. They aren't actually my bees. I just find them. It's not my place to name them. But sometimes they tell me their names. This is Mildred. I found her on NitWit […]

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Hummingbirds are So Bossy

Hummingbirds can be so bossy! 212/365 In the Spring after we came back from living in Europe, I was sitting at my desk window when a hummingbird came up to the window and seemed to yell at me. Flittering aggressively back and forth, to and from the window. In my Lyme-brain haze, I didn't realize […]

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Mondays can...

Monday's can kiss my bee butt! -  211/365

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