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Boom Chicka Bow Wowwww...

So,  I was just walking the dogs in the forest minding my own business when I saw these two kids gettin’ it on in a tree stump. I mean seriously, get a room! Right?

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Bee Healthy

As a person diagnosed with and treating Lyme disease, a disease with no known cure and life-debilitating symptoms, I find myself coming across "sure-cures" every day. One such cure that's been floating around for a while is Apitherapy or bee venom therapy.  Ellie Lobel, who had been fighting chronic Lyme disease for nearly 20 years, was cured […]

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Hey Man, Got Any Grass?

As they say, the goats have moved on to greener pastures. But I couldn't let one more opportunity for a goat post pass me by.

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So You Think You Can Herd Goats

It was 7 pm on a Friday. Rush hour for the mountains. I spotted a man looking down the hillside at our pasture where the goats were grazing. I sighed contently. "Another lookie-loo admiring the goats," I thought. It made me happy that people enjoyed watching them. But as I passed the man, I noticed […]

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The Saturday following the arrival of our Hungry Goats, Mr. Wild Dingo and I entered the pasture from Lower Nitwit trail to begin our dog walk.  As usual, I began taking photos while Mr. Wild Dingo, the cracker and the criminal all patiently looked on.  Then I saw a little black blob that wasn't there […]

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Gone to the Goats

It's that time of year again when the pasture at the end of NitWit trail becomes overgrown. Normally we use our fantastic land clearing crew who've not only developed Lower Nitwit trail but have been instrumental in keeping the property fire-safe. We were at a point though that it was becoming more difficult to manage […]

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Independence for All

When I came home last night, Mr. Wild Dingo told me the dogs found a King Snake under an old oak stump near our weed field sitting area. So I asked him, "Does he live there or was he passing through?" Mr. Wild Dingo's all, "you know, I didn't ask him." Yes, Internet, these are […]

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We interrupt our canine shenanigans to bring you Critter Watch---an educational short---because I like critters. I see a lot of these little fellas hanging out in the dog garden and I wondered why they hung out there. So I did a little googling. Turns out, they like to feed on leaves, mushrooms and animal droppings […]

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Goatees: Badass or Adorable? Discuss.

Ahhh! Now I get it! So that's where the term "goatee" comes from. It's funny how goatees on men give them a bit of a sinister look, but on a goat, with their bedroom eyes and pink smiles, they just look darlin'.

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Really, Size Doesn't Matter

I think I'm in love. I had to step in about 37,000 donkey apples to get this shot. But look at those ears! Sigh.

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