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Kanine Kilroys

"What is that?"

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A Taste of Venice

Maybe I'm biased, but Italian food is hands down, the best cuisine in the world. Most often it's simply prepared but can be as equally elegant as French cuisine. In Italian cuisine,  flavors are raw, original and not subverted. While French cuisine is complex, flavor can sometimes be hidden or overtaken. Italian food on the other hand, never […]

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A Lesson in Luggage Gastronomy

Not long after Mr. Wild Dingo and I moved to Switzerland, we found a perfect pizza joint close to our house. By definition, this joint was homey, rustic, with plenty of miss-matching furniture, packed with locals and a friendly service staff. It even had home delivery and take out services. It seemed like the perfect solution for a […]

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Bitter Italian

If given a last meal request, most people would request steak, fried food and creamy desserts. But not this crazy Italian. She'd request Bitter Italian Vegetables sauté. It's a flavorful dish, easy to make and versatile. You can use it as a main meal adding sausage, as I did above, or toss it with penne pasta. […]

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By George, I Think I Got It

This cooking thing is new to me. In my pre-Swiss life, I had a career and a two or three big hobbies that kept me too busy to try to do more than a few pastas, sautés, rice dishes, easy soups and salads. I've been trying for about a year to get my beef braising right. […]

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There's Nothing Graceful About It

Aging. It's what happens when you least expect it. One day you're full of joie de vivre, the next, you're pureéing fruits and vegetables and making green smoothies because your digestive system went on strike. It's so not fair. I don't even have dentures.

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You Can't Get Anymore Italian than Pork and Porcini

Pork Chops Porcini.  I don't know how I made it to this age (eleventy-seven) and being Italian, having never cooked with porcini mushrooms. I've eaten them in restaurants but never attempted cooking with them. Until I opened the book:  Essentials of Italian Cooking. The Pork Chop above is complex in flavor and in preparation--well, at least for me--so I […]

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Balance is Restored

Mr. Wild Dingo is home. Loki is ecstatic to have his ultimate tug partner back.  Juno's thrilled to have the object of her disdain back. Nothing like a few husky huffs of disapproval to score some bites of French bread. The photo below was taken a few weeks ago on one of the docks in Morges. […]

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Herding Horses is Hard Work!

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A Big Sigh of Relief

Juno's home from the MRI. "Hey, it was nothin' Big Boy, why are you so worried?" "Well, I was worried that they shaved your jodhpurs, but I see that they are intact, thank dog!"

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