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Expedience or Obedience

Juno is not like most Siberian huskies. Sure she digs, chews and gets into all sorts of trouble. But when it comes to obedience, she is missing a few crucial Siberian genetics.

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My Tough Girl

If I ever find myself complaining about this stupid pain of Lyme disease, all I have to do is look up to my tough girl. She was born in pain and some how finds a way to live life to the fullest within her potential. She's a my guru. She's my tough girl.  

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“How are you doing cognitively,” asked my doctor. “Well,” I replied, “I used the cordless vacuum to do a quick pick-up of dog hair in my bedroom the other day. I vacuumed most of the room before I realized that the dust canister wasn’t installed.  Then it took me 30 minutes to find the canister. […]

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Siberian Huskies are Total Clowns

Except when they're not.  

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What the Pluck?

Husky Plucking Season is now open. This is bad news for Juno. There's nothing she loathes more than a mother plucker.

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She's Still Got it!

The other day, I came home to find not one, but two pairs of leather shoes, completely in tact, sitting exactly where I left them,  right under Juno's nose. I thought that maybe she had finally grown out of her mastication crimes and it made me kind of sad.

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Criminal Sibe Investigation

CSI Criminal Sibe Investigation  On a routine property stroll, a local mole tenant was found murdered at 11:03 A.M. this morning on a hillside next to his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Subject appears to have been dead for over 36 hours. There are multiple signs of forced entry.  Eight holes were found dug […]

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Games Siberians Play

"Finally! Alone at last! I am free to express my Siberian softer side!"

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The Stoic Ice Queen

Well, she's done it again. She zoomied herself into a gnarly injury that won't go away. This time, her shoulders. Over the summer, I  noticed a very subtle "head bob" at the beginning of our walks, but it would vanish within a minute. Each time she over-zoomied, her head bob got worse, but any time […]

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Turkish Spa

Why is it, whenever I give the dogs a bath and lay out about 187 old towels and blankets for them to roll around on for drying off, the Sibe always insists on going straight to my prized handwoven Turkish rug to finish her drying? Remember that time when Mr. Wild Dingo and I were […]

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