Heart Attacks and Money Pits

If you ask me, a Siberian husky’s main goals in life are to give you regular heart attacks and a spend all your money.  Juno is not just achieving her goals, but blowing past them, leaving them in the dust and me and Mr. Wild Dingo, barely alive from regular heart attacks and broke. This is Juno, above, last Wednesday. She found a stick and pranced around the yard, mocking Loki for having a better toy than him. I couldn’t help but smile so we goofed around a bit with it. I know sticks can be dangerous to dogs, but this one was soft and it seemed harmless. Continue reading “Heart Attacks and Money Pits”

Church of Cheeses

Not many people know this, but Juno is devout spiritual being. She follows the path of Cheeses. Worshiping nightly, she prays for the coming of Cheeses, while MWD ministers an amuse-bouche in the kitchen.

“Like an angel descending from heaven, Cheeses makes its way from the great Mount Kitchen Island, and behold, lands directly on my tongue where it fills my soul with joy. What Cheeses has to offer, let no man put it anywhere but in my mouth.”

My Remarkable Husky

My remarkable husky – 121/365

This is what my husky does when I’m doing my macro photo thing. For those who don’t know huskies, this is rare, extraordinary–remarkable! She patiently waits for me to finish my thing and doesn’t run off to the next county, state, or country like most huskies would do. I have no idea how she learned this un-husky like behavior (possibly from the cracker) but I’m grateful for it! Still, if a bunny, squirrel or deer walked by, the husky in her would most certainly appear!

Yes, that’s a bunch of poppies and foxtails Juno sits in. She has this thing for walking through or sitting in tall grass or plants, much to my horror. Ticks and foxtails are just a few of the dangers. Since huskies do whatever they want to do since, like, forever, the tradeoff is a good brush off after every tall grass excursion!


"Ya, I Know this is Loki's bed. What's your point?"
“Ya, I Know this is Loki’s bed. What’s your point?” -081/365

Juno’s Recovery from Tick Disease

How is it that dogs can get treated for tick disease despite a negative tick disease test result, but humans being treated by a doctor following IDSA guidelines, cannot? – 069/365

In 2009, Juno was hospitalized for 5 days with a high fever and joint inflammation. Our fabulous vets at The Whole Pet Vet and SAGE Centers for Veterinary Care ran a full panel of tick disease tests and the results were negative. We were at cross roads of how to treat her illness as we had no idea. The options were to either treat this as an autoimmune disease by giving steroids to bring down inflammation or to treat it as an unknown bacterial infection with broad spectrum antibiotics. It was a scary time because so much was unknown. If we treated with steroids and it was a bacterial infection it could have been fatal to poor 2-year old Juno who was so full of life. Thankfully, we opted for antibiotics. After a month of treatment, Juno recovered thanks to my excellent team of veterinarians who were open to doing whatever worked for Juno.

Continue reading “Juno’s Recovery from Tick Disease”

My Tough Girl

022/365 – My Tough Girl

If I ever find myself complaining about this stupid pain of Lyme disease, all I have to do is look up to my tough girl. She was born in pain and some how finds a way to live life to the fullest within her potential. She’s a my guru. She’s my tough girl.



4/365 Project

“How are you doing cognitively,” asked my doctor.

“Well,” I replied, “I used the cordless vacuum to do a quick pick-up of dog hair in my bedroom the other day. I vacuumed most of the room before I realized that the dust canister wasn’t installed.  Then it took me 30 minutes to find the canister. When I finally found it, I had no recollection of how it got there.”

“We have more work to do,” she said.

When it’s not completely disturbing, Lyme brain can be hilarious.

Criminal Sibe Investigation


CSI Criminal Sibe Investigation  On a routine property stroll, a local mole tenant was found murdered at 11:03 A.M. this morning on a hillside next to his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Subject appears to have been dead for over 36 hours. There are multiple signs of forced entry.  Eight holes were found dug out around the perimeter of the victim’s home. Subject’s body appears wet and mauled.  Fatal puncture wounds were found on the abdomen. No murder weapon was found near the crime scene. Nobody saw the crime take place, but witnesses claim seeing a black and white Siberian frequenting the area, alone, digging.  Continue reading “Criminal Sibe Investigation”

The Stoic Ice Queen


Well, she’s done it again. She zoomied herself into a gnarly injury that won’t go away. This time, her shoulders. Over the summer, I  noticed a very subtle “head bob” at the beginning of our walks, but it would vanish within a minute. Each time she over-zoomied, her head bob got worse, but any time we mentioned it to the vet or PT, Juno of course only displayed her lovely perfect husky prance, without a hint of a limp or a bob. Thanks to Juno’s stoic super powers, she was able to fend off and stump the evil medical team for two months. Some guessed it was her wrist while others guessed it was her shoulder. Each night we’d massage and ice her tight knotted areas and each day she’d wake up, happy, limp free and prancing about, only to re-injure herself all over with a round of zoomies up and down the new trail, which was not yet fully built.  The last few weeks, we’ve cut her walks way back to 1-3 miles but it hasn’t helped. Continue reading “The Stoic Ice Queen”

Siberian Sell-Out


Thank you Juno, for volunteering to walk calmly into the shower stall for your bath the other night for the small price of a chicken treat. I did not have the energy to play our usual game of “wrestle the 60-lb Siberian into the the shower stall.”  I appreciate your compliance—however reluctant it was.

I’m afraid that your husky cries of how you were victimized went unheard.  We live much too far away for any pup to hear you. But now all of Husky-dom will sigh in disappointment in how easily you were duped.

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Turkish Spa


Why is it, whenever I give the dogs a bath and lay out about 187 old towels and blankets for them to roll around on for drying off, the Sibe always insists on going straight to my prized handwoven Turkish rug to finish her drying? Remember that time when Mr. Wild Dingo and I were in Turkey and he insisted he wasn’t going to buy any rugs?  (If you haven’t read it, you really must read it because it’s probably one of  the best too-hilarious-to-be-true-but-really-is-true stories on this site. So go read it.)  Well, this is my favorite of those rugs.  Continue reading “Turkish Spa”