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Forest Friend

Forest Friend

November 20, 2012
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Often on our  forest walks in Lully and Morges, we would meet this lone gentleman soaking his feet in the river or walking the trails. He was a kind man, who always complimented the dogs. Especially since whenever we saw him from a distance, I'd recall the dogs so they wouldn't bother him. Only, he enjoyed interacting with them, saying "salut," giving them a pet and remarking on how well they obeyed. But one day, he fed them a cheese doodle from his lunch sack.

And then I never had full recall control over Juno whenever we saw him again. I wonder why.

NB: Pardon me while I continue a few Swiss posts here and there for the rest of the year. I have some still wandering in the back of my mind and some photos that I've been meaning to share.

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