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Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River

November 17, 2012
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I got lucky when we adopted Juno. And not because she's a Siberian (although that could be considered luck in itself). But because she's a little different from most Siberians. She comes when she's called, she sits when asked and will perform a multitude of other tricks deemed humiliating by most, ok all, Siberians.

But her most interesting un-Siberian behavior is her love for the water. In fact, while I can hike her off-leash in many car-free locations, she does try my patience by straying too far ahead and I spend the time either walking fast enough to keep her in sight or recalling her ever 5 minutes. But when there's a body of water nearby,  I don't seem to have that problem of losing her. Because Juno is always in it.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, I don't need to call--well, as long as we're walking near a river.  It gets on Loki's last nerve whenever Juno's in the river. She not only knows it but does it in order to 1. get away from him and, 2. mock him. No seriously, she does it to mock him.

"Princess, I don't understand the fascination with this scary water!"
"That's easy Big Boy. The water tastes delicious. But be careful, because there's a monster in it that dines on Formosan doggies with gynormous ears."

On this windy day, the waves were high as Marley set out to retrieve a stick. Juno was taking notes and thinking about trying it as well. I have no doubt that with more exposure to swimming dogs, she'd soon be swimming herself. Where was Loki? Far away with his head buried between my knees.

Occasionally, she even finds herself inside a drinking fountain.

But she's never amused when the humans laugh about it.

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10 comments on “Take Me to the River”

  1. I need to see her Siberian papers -

    NO Siberian khomes when khalled - just sayin'

    Of khourse, Mom says thanks fur The Talking Heads tune -

    I think woo want to make her stay up all night -


  2. "She comes when she’s called, she sits when asked and will perform a multitude of other tricks..."
    That is so un-siberian.

    Give her a big hug for me please. 🙂


  3. What do you feed that girl that makes her so un-sibe??? Mom says the only water we like is the rain - and then three of us just love to soak it it:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Nononononono.... Her behavior still qualifies as very Siberian, once you humans understand that "She decides to come when she’s called, she decides to sit when asked and <she decides to perform a multitude of other tricks deemed humiliating by most, ok all, Siberians."

    Even this whole fascination with water...she does it because it annoys Loki. What could be more Siberian than intentionally annoying your sibling?

    See... pure Siberian.

    Miss Moo & Jack a-roo

  5. Ha ha ha! Oh, that sounds like something that would annoy Morgan to no end, too! She doesn't have an aversion to water, but if there were something she was averse to, I just KNOW that Bunny would do the same thing Juno does! Too darned funny!

  6. Maybe you should check Juno all over. Hiding under all that poof, I think you'll find a zipper that and once you unzip, you'll find a water dog underneath. I'm betting a lab. =)

  7. Does Juno have water refuges readily available now that you're back in CA? Of course, with wild boar running rampant, guess the off leash woods walking is on hold for now anyway. Pity.

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