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Juno Graduates--Gets a Part Time Job

Juno Graduates--Gets a Part Time Job

November 30, 2008
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It’s every parent’s dream to have their child go to school, graduate and go to work. I’m lucky enough to have adopted Juno, a dog no-less, only 4 months ago and already she’s a school graduate and working her first job. Juno finished basic obedience, received her ABC certification (A Behaved Canine), and completed a specialty certification in Therapy Service all from K-9 Clinic in Correlitos, CA. Last Sunday, she went out on her first gig.

Her first day on the job she was lucky enough to run into not one but two husky owners who instantly fell in love with her. Juno did her job well and shook paws and gave out hand kisses to those who adored her. Though she’s learning more tricks, like roll over, sit pretty, and plenty more, looking pretty is her best trick. Being cute is hard work after all. You have to get plenty of exercise chasing the German Shepherd-Formosan Mountain dog around the yard, sit patiently for furminations, eat only quality organic food, brush your teeth daily on bones, and of course, get plenty of beauty rest.

On top of that, you need to put on your best face for all your adoring fans. Juno’s fans keep upping the ante, asking for more tricks, more kisses and more love. And she aims to please, studying hard for her next gig and learning more show-stopping tricks. Nothing delights her more than making her fans giggle. But like everyone else in show biz, she expects prompt payment for her performing arts: jerky treats, dried liver or a small bite of hot dog. Darn. She makes more than I do!

Sigh. She’s making us proud. If only she could learn to type, code web pages or answer the phone.

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4 comments on “Juno Graduates--Gets a Part Time Job”

  1. Juno, You're building your resume! Before you know it, your Mommy will need to hire an agent, or the head hunters will be after ya.

    Who woulda thunk ya culd be broken & valuble member of societee?

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