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All's Fair in Love and Tug-of-War

All's Fair in Love and Tug-of-War

February 1, 2009
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Notice anything a little different on Wild Dingo? I can't pull the wool over your eyes Internet. It's a known fact I get bored easily with my designs, so I'll be featuring new mastheads every month. Don't worry, if you get nostalgic for the old ones,  just click to the category mastheads to the side to browse through them.


This masthead, inspired by February's Valentine's theme, turned a bit Magritte, minus the bowlers and apples. I threw in February's flower, the Iris,  for added interest. Notice my obsession with the number "three?" It wasn't conscious.

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One comment on “All's Fair in Love and Tug-of-War”

  1. Julie,

    Wanted to finally take the time to write and tell you the new design and layout is super user-friendly as well as being eye candy!

    It's great to see the love and flowers around the obsessed staff members!

    And make sure to take FULL advantage of those free yoga classes!

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