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Random Dog Tails

Random Dog Tails

January 26, 2009
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matt-close-upI wonder if I should get used to seeing things around my house chewed up now that I have a Siberian Husky.

juno-down-dogIt seems while Juno was practicing downward dog the temptation of recycled rubber was too much for her to resist. She gave it the low rating of two small nibbles. To you and me, that’s a big thumbs down.

I came home here to find her browsing the FLOR catalog. She’s obviously not a fan of their products. But she found the catalog paper about 80 chews delightful.

florShe also ate another pair of Crocs and my dog yard shoes. She did me a favor. Both were old, stinky and due for an upgrade!

I finally gave Juno a proper furmination. She lost about 10 lbs in fur. Don’t worry; she still has her cankles and that voluptuous Marilyn Monroe figure. At least now she doesn’t look like she has junk in her trunk.

The other day, while making dinner, I felt a little “nip” on my butt. I turned around to find Juno behind me, looking sheepishly playful. She doesn’t bark and never bit, even playfully--until now. “Juno! Where did you learn to do that?” Juno turned and looked at Loki, lying down at the other end of the kitchen, looking proudly at his apprentice. Sigh. June-bug, that’s like taking career advice from a criminal.


ice-makerMeanwhile, the Formosan Mt. Dog is taking his guard duty very seriously. A few nights ago, before bed we heard him growling on the stairs. We had a look outside and saw nothing so we blew it off. An hour later, our ice maker machine burst about 1000 ice cubes all over our kitchen floor, for no reason. We had to cut the power breaker to shut it off. Ice maker machines: watch out. My Formosan Mt. Dog is watching you.

I caught Loki “counter surfing” a few weeks ago. Apparently counter surfing is a sport among huskies. He didn’t have this behavior before we had Juno Bella. The tutor became the apprentice in this new sport. He took to eating an entire stick of delicious1butter while Juno watched and scored his athletics. So I got in the habit of pushing the butter dish way back and covering it. The other night after dinner, I heard him in the kitchen, crying as if a knife flew off the counter and into his heart. I ran in expecting blood or a dog writhing on the floor in pain only to find him sitting in front of the counter where the butter dish was, despondent—heartbroken—that he couldn’t compete in his new favorite sport. Damn drama queen.


And finally, here’s a way to waste 4 minutes of your day. I found these party animals trying to keep the New Year’s party a rockin’ a few days after the party. Lobbying for another party where they can ham it up with the locals. Hmmmm… another party…it’s got me thinking… Click the movie below for QuickTime. Or click Party Animals for the MPG. (The MPG is still downloading to the server as this post went live at 12:38 pm. Give it some time.)

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