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Please Leash Your Alligator

Please Leash Your Alligator

March 2, 2009
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The last two months its been really hard to say goodbye to the previous month's masthead. I grow attached to them and it's sad to see them archived. Then as I develop the new one, I start to smile and enjoy the process of creating something silly and fun.

I've had this image for four or five months knowing I would use it in the masthead some day. Loki is known at school as the Alligator on a Leash. I don't think I have to explain why. His gapping mouth explains everything. And here he is doing what he does best, his "magnetic recall" full speed. His other nickname is "Nitro" because he's fast, super strong, and well, a wee bit explosive. Just a wee bit.

The photo was provided complimentary of Christine Hamilton, who's providing photography for the training clinic. Naturally, I'm doing their web site, but that's another story that I'll post later. The photo came from a series of shots (see below) and one of the trainers is looking on with extreme concern as all the other dogs are lined up in a dog hall, Loki charges past them and directly to me as if there was no cooler place in the world to be except next to his mom. Unless of course one of those dogs got up and started running around. Then he'd be all like, "Mommy, who?"

Loki loves nothing better than being chased. And Juno does like chasing him. Both of them look a little like Leprechauns with their pointy ears so I didn't need to put on their green hats.  Oh and daffodil is the March flower. Duh.

Loki on Recall at School
Mark the trainer looks on as if he's going to soil his drawers if Loki goes anywhere else but to me. I can't blame him. Loki gained noteriety early on in his first days at school.

Loki's Cirque du Soleil

Loki auditioned for Cirque du Soleil as a ribbon dancer, but they turned him down when his alligator felonies appeared in his background check. So he ended up with me.

Loki Begins to Brake

Loki tries his hardest to put on his brakes here. But his braking system isn't so good. His recall typically ends in a body slam. Maybe he'll have a career with the WWF?

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2 comments on “Please Leash Your Alligator”

  1. What wonderful photos! I love the alligator grin. Gorgeous and powerful. I need to find a photographer. Sugar moves so fast that every picture I have is a total blur.

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