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Modeling is Hard Work

Modeling is Hard Work

April 23, 2009
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loki-orange-shades-smallWe've been busy at Wild Dingo, photo shooting our "Go Orange" photos in support of Prevention of Animal Cruelty month. Loki and Juno are glad to support the cause. Loki is a happily working dog and has no complaints. He does his job. He gets paid. End of story. And he does his job spectacularly well. He will hold his pose for as long as I tell him. Juno? Well, let's just say she's a natural-born model/movie star, complete with the 'tude. She complained about the working conditions, (too hot, too sunny, though we were in the shade), the difficulty of the poses, lack of breaks (she needed to lay down a lot), and of course, the pay. She needed to be paid a lot; twice as much as him. She often needed an advance on jobs or demanded to be shown her pay before she'd complete a job. I guess with the downturn in the economy and failing banks, she has little faith in the the D-FDIC (Doggie Food Deposit Insurance Company). Can't blame her.

Here are some of the shots. I wish I were a better photographer!


Two hot dogs get ready to paint the town orange.


I'm hotter than a two-dollar pistol.


Who are you calling a sissy-dog? Come a little closer. I'll give you 4 reasons not to call me a sissy: cuspid, inscisor, molar and fang.


Driving Miss Juno


Lookin' for a little action? Knock me a kiss, kitten.


Modeling takes second place to guard dog duties. It's all serious when Loki says, "You snap the whip, I'll make the trip."


"I feel like Death Valley. Time to go wet my tonsils. There had better be Evian on this set."

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5 comments on “Modeling is Hard Work”

  1. I clicked through to your site from Dooce.com because I was all "Wild Dingo? Anyone called Wild Dingo has GOT to be worth the read!"

    And OH MY GOODNESS, can I say how much I love the pictures?! LOVE!! Especially those orange sunglasses =)

    Well done! I hope you got the shots you were looking for!

  2. Oh Dingo Girl, I trust you get a nice fee, as their talent agent. You must tell...have they had any "work" done yet? They look so youthful.

  3. Mrs. Wild Dingo, you crack me up!! I was CRYING when I read Hello...My Name is Inigo Montoya...and now you've done it again! "You snap the whip and I'll make the trip!" Ahhhh thanks for the belly laugh. Just going back catching up. (I, too have lost Danskos...)

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