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We met this bi-eyed bewooty today at the beach today! Her name is Katinka and she's barely 2 years old. Incredibly tolerant, Loki just chilled as she flirted shamelessly with the cracker, trying to steal a kiss or give him a tap on the snooter.

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Sometimes Crime Does Pay

"Hey Daddy-O! Mom looks like she's packin plenty of profit in those high pockets. How about you put your paw down and demand a toll for this bridge?" "Don't worry Princpessa, it's in the bag. She's an easy mark, a real rube. We're big rough wild dogs and crime is the price she pays. There's […]

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Halloween Advice

"Hey Daddy-O. This hipster looks like he could stand one more greasing. He's not slick enough."

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The Best Way to Hit the Weekend

"Hey hipsters, let's hit this weekend high, wide and handsome!" - 257/365 

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"Hey Hepcats! It's Friday! Hold on to your chair and don't step on no snakes."  -  236/365

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Double Trouble

"Hey Daddy-O! Who’s that doggin’ us at the end of the road? He doesn’t seem to care if we know it or not."

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Flashback Friday


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What's a Little Rumble Among Strangers?

"Come a little closer Dollface, so I can get my kicks every-which way bitey." Don't be fooled readers. Juno brought this on. She flirted with this sweet gentle giant for quite some time.

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French Lessons at The Shooting Range

"Hey Sugarlips, it's time to knock the polish off your toes!"

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The Judge is in the House!

All Rise! The Honorable Loki J. Starling Judge of Cracker Critters, Mango Minster 2012 The winners of the Cracker Critter Category (say that 5 times fast, crackers) at Mango Minster 2012 are announced today. Loki had the honor of judging this year's cracker critters. I don't know what he liked best:  reading all those posts about other […]

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