We met this bi-eyed bewooty today at the beach today! Her name is Katinka and she’s barely 2 years old. Incredibly tolerant, Loki just chilled as she flirted shamelessly with the cracker, trying to steal a kiss or give him a tap on the snooter. Continue reading “Bewooty!”

Sometimes Crime Does Pay

“Hey Daddy-O! Mom looks like she’s packin plenty of profit in those high pockets. How about you put your paw down and demand a toll for this bridge?”

“Don’t worry Princpessa, it’s in the bag. She’s an easy mark, a real rube. We’re big rough wild dogs and crime is the price she pays. There’s plenty of profit in those pockets to greese our chops. She’ll pay up…woo else!”



“Hey Hepcats! It’s Friday! Hold on to your chair and don’t step on no snakes.”  –  236/365

The Judge is in the House!

All Rise!
The Honorable Loki J. Starling
Judge of Cracker Critters, Mango Minster 2012

The winners of the Cracker Critter Category (say that 5 times fast, crackers) at Mango Minster 2012 are announced today. Loki had the honor of judging this year’s cracker critters. I don’t know what he liked best:  reading all those posts about other dogs exactly like him or wearing his Judge’s “Mad Hatter” cap and bow. One thing’s for sure, we both had to read these posts in stages. Remember, crackery is contagious!

Here’s a bit of Loki’s pre-show Judging speech: Continue reading “The Judge is in the House!”

First Things First

“There’s nothing worse than soaking wet Jodhpurs!”

The only downside of the dogs vacationing at Bernard’s is that in the winter, they come home smelling like smoke. All dogs are indoor dogs at Bernard’s, and he and his wife seem to be smokers. But it’s a small price to pay for the luxury of having them stay in a “home” environment. That’s O.K. Neither dog had a bath in months before we left, so they went to their spa ripe with a dirty dog smell. When they came home, the first thing we did–after a long walk at the wet farms–was stick them in a tub. Continue reading “First Things First”

The Formosan Has New Clothes

Mr. Wild Dingo and I took a walk into Morges on Sunday evening at sunset. It was bitter cold so we tried out Loki’s new coat. It was fairly easy to put on him, and he seemed happy enough to wear it, until it was time to go on the walk. He refused to leave the house. Internet, I totally am not making this up. He was like a stubborn preteen who was wouldn’t be caught dead in something so uncool.

“Hey Daddy-O, those threads are fly.”
“Izzatso Cupcake?”
“If I’m lyin’ I’m flyin’, Big Boy. You’re so sharp, you’re bleeding.” Continue reading “The Formosan Has New Clothes”

Les Chiens Noirs

It was a crisp morning, with just enough snap in the air to make life seem simple and sweet if you didn’t have too much on your mind. Juno did.

“Love is such a dull word. It amazes me that the English language so rich in the poetry of love can accept such a feeble word for it. It has no life, no resonance. It suggests to me floofy white poodles, with pink noses and yappy voices, and probably adoring their owners.” Continue reading “Les Chiens Noirs”

Look Who’s Cracker Now

Rarely, do I ever catch Juno looking like or acting like a goofball, or worse, cracker. She’s much too sly for the camera to catch her looking less than perfect. But every now and then, I’m able to catch her behaving just as cracked out as Loki, who is pretty much cracker whenever he’s not sleeping. Because Juno’s muzzle is so much smaller than Loki’s, she has to pull her lips all the way back, exposing her gums in order to leverage good “bitey-face” action with Mr. Big Yapper himself, giving her the appearance of being extra cracker.  

First Juno warms up with a little flirting. She approaches the bad boy and moves her head side to side sweetly:

“Hey handsome, how about a little bitey action?” Continue reading “Look Who’s Cracker Now”

Raw Torture

Yesterday was “raw bone” day at Wild Dingo. Juno always gets the smaller bone because she’s a bit chubby again. Also, Loki takes about 40 minutes to eat his bone while Juno takes about 4 hours to finish hers.  It was still really wet outside (where they usually eat them) so I used old blankets they are allowed to lay on to eat them that I can toss in the washer after they are done.  After Loki was done, he laid down on his blanket.

Now Mr. Wild Dingo doesn’t believe this, but Juno is slowly turning into alpha dog around here. Mr. Wild Dingo never gets to witness the stunts she pulls to display her status. She’s still quite shy around him. But here she is pulling her “just try me” stunt. While Loki began to snooze, she got up from her bed in my office with her bone and promptly plopped herself right next to him, baiting him the best she knew how. 


“Hey big boy, this bone is the cheese. You want a little nibble?”
“Drop that veil sister. I’m in the business myself.” Continue reading “Raw Torture”