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How to Remove Husky Hair from Your Car

How to Remove Husky Hair from Your Car

May 13, 2009
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juno-car-ride-3After last week's busy training schedule, I had a chance to actually notice the Husky and Formosan Mountain Dog hair that had grown quietly into mountains of dense fur and had crept into the deepest crevices of my Mini Cooper. Rather than make a needless carbon foot print to drive 20 minutes to the car wash--ok, I admit I'm that lazy--I decided to haul out the shop vacuum and tackle the job myself.

Twenty minutes into the task, I'm complaining to my husband, who was in the garage with me while I vacuumed, how hard it was to get rid of this husky hair in the car and that it was just not coming up. He replied, "Um, you may try removing the Husky first." Since I had my head ducked under the front seats madly running the hose over the mats, I had to pop my head up and look to the back seats to see what he was talking about. There was Juno sitting in the back seat all the while, calmly contemplating when we were leaving for our daily adventure.

So for anyone who's vacuuming Husky hair from their car, here is a four step program to success:

  1. Remove any Huskies that are in your car
  2. Vacuum the seats and mats of your car
  3. Marvel with awe and satisfaction at the clean seats and mats.  Run your hand over the hair free dash board and smile at the notion of vents without fur. Appreciate the cleanliness of your car for the moment and let go of the notion of keeping it perfectly clean. Enjoy the short lived moment.
  4. Hug your Husky


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