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The Key Word is "Mostly"

The Key Word is "Mostly"

May 9, 2009
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Who, me?

Who, me?

As in Juno is "mostly" well-adjusted. Just take a look at what my "mostly well-adjusted" dog did while I took Loki to training this morning.


Silly us. We didn't put a door in our mudroom when we built this house because we thought we'd have good dogs. So our temporary solution until we have the time to take down sheetrock and put in a pocket door is to use one of these screen things and bolt it to the wall with chain. And it's been working fairly well for the past five months.  The chain was added recently because Juno learned how to get around rubber bands that bolted it in place. Some say she's not too smart, but prior to this latest incident, that dog managed to get around this bolted screen, make her way up stairs to our closet, avoid all sorts of very pleasurable chewing items, such as dirty and clean laundry, wooden chairs, leather shoes and pillows (her favorite chewing items),  walk OVER my basket of laundry and up a shoe rack to find THE running shoe I use to take her and Loki for trail runs. She took it down stairs and into the living room and ate a shoe lace. Then she took it outside and ate the other shoe lace.  I'd say had something specific to say to me.

Keep in mind, I'm only gone for about 2.5 hours and I leave her with two stuffed treat balls, a raw hide, a bully bone, cold water, access to the out door dog yard, chewing toys and a soft bed. Today, she managed almost to pull the chain off entirely and tho she didn't make it through this screen door, she did manage to jump the dog fence and I found her wandering around our driveway. We do have a second fence up around the permiter of the home so she stayed within that.

I'll bet Internet is asking "why don't you use a crate?" Because she's managed to bite through plastic crates and has literally RUINED her teeth on metal crates. She's insane. But only when she's alone.

Well, at least this screen door lasted us a good five months before she figured it out.  Ya, the key word is "mostly."

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3 comments on “The Key Word is "Mostly"”

  1. Oh my gosh! Does Juno have seperation anxiety?

    The worst thing Bo has chewed up is a plastic water bottle.

  2. Oh dear, sweet lovable Juno? A mastermind of destruction? I thought she was the "good one!" Hee, hee...just kidding. I still remember reading the story about the destruction of your car. I would suggest child gates, but the one-before-Sugar (Abby) could jump and/or disable a child gate under 2 seconds. My guess is that Juno would mock any attempt to enclose her with child-aversion tools. Sometimes, you just have to "dog proof" the environment (wood chips are not fun, when trapped in the intestines...), pray to the domestic goddess, and leave for a couple of hours. I kept Abby in a room with a doggy door, which lead to an enclosed dog run. One cushy chair and a television were the only items in the room with her (along with the requisite chew toys, water and food). Of course, that was after she completely destroyed over 200 books...yep, us humans learn our lessons the hard way!

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