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A Proud Moment

A Proud Moment

July 19, 2009
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Mr. Wild Dingo's been working Juno in obedience classes on Saturdays because Juno has a few, well, "issues" with Scott. For one, she's terribly fearful. She never was the first few months we had her. For some reason, she developed it. We think it has a little to do with Loki being possessive of Scott. So working Juno has helped the bond between them, but it's not entirely reliable just yet. This Saturday, I happened to be on the field when Scott was working Juno. He recalled her to him and she ran directly to me and got right in the heel position, sat at my left heel, and looked up at me waiting for me to praise her or give her something to do. I almost died. For a husky, this is incredibly attentive. Normally, huskies look like this when doing obedience:

dsc01786Completely checked out. Notice, she's not looking at Scott and would rather check out the scene around her than do anything anyone says. When I work her, I have to really engage her attention and I've come a long way with her. She knows now when she's working for me, she needs to focus on me and nothing else. It took a long time to get her to engage her mind that way. And now, I have a fairly obedient dog.

Unfortunately, I wasn't working her, Scott was, so I had to ignore her incredibly awesome behavior.

On another recall, Juno blew scott off and flew straight to my car where Loki was waiting inside. Juno would rather obey me, then Loki and lastly Scott.

Finally on one of the last 2 recalls, Juno flew to Scott and gave us the image above. It warms my heart to see her look straight up into his face looking for approval and her confidence so high and Scott's smile. Looks like they are having a good time finally.

The final recall she's looking confidently straight into his face. Perfect. Progress. The entire class almost all clapped. Seriously. That's how hard it was to get Juno to go to Scott.


Two words: Oscar Mayer. Who needs the Dog Whisperer when you have Dr. Mayer in the house?

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3 comments on “A Proud Moment”

  1. Wow-- beautiful smiles on Mr. Wild Dingo & Juno! What a wonderful step forward in their relationship. Juno looks very secure and content, when she's staring at your hubby. Awesome progress.

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