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Chronicles of Loki

Chronicles of Loki

July 20, 2009
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For the three readers who actually read this blog, the few who know Loki and ALL the dog handlers at the K-9 Clinic, you all know how far he's come. Last year, I couldn't last 3 minutes in class without him yapping, jumping, mouthing and thrashing around like a raving lunatic. Now, when he goes to training class with just me, he's very well-behaved and fairly quiet and can look like this:


A calm, confident, quiet, dog. How about that?

But then we started taking Juno to the same class as Loki mainly because Juno turns into her own version of a raving lunatic when she's left alone, and well, she can use some obedience training too. But something strange happens when Scott and Juno come onto the same training field as Loki.

First, let's observe several well-behaved dogs in their down-stay positions:


Notice Scott and Juno are quiet, calm and and well, just being darn good while Juno stays in her down.

Now let's widen the angle of this photo a bit and see what we get:


Hmm...who is that dog being led away from the group because he can't shut his yapper?

Let's take a closer look:


Yup, there he is. My Lunatic. Doing exactly what he used to do the very first day I took him to school. Why? Because he can't stand the thought of Scott giving Juno any attention.

Loki is on a unique 10-step training plan: Five steps forward and five steps back. I'm just lucky that the trainers "graduated" Loki to the next level class so the two are not on the field at the same time together anymore.  Did they take pity on me or could they not listen to Loki yap one more second on another Saturday morning?

Now the question is: which is the lesser of two lunatics? One who destroys the yard and home when alone? Or one who destroys your good name in public? I guess it doesn't matter when you're lunatic enough to love them anyway.

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4 comments on “Chronicles of Loki”

  1. Hmmm...too bad we don't see a close-up of Juno's face. Wonder what she's thinking...is she smirking? Maybe-- wrongly-- assigning the word "lunatic" to you, not Loki? Dogs. It's why we love 'em...

  2. d.k: um, yes, you do have a choice when you don't have a pack of SIBES!!! LOL...

    Karen: little fact: Juno was 3 inches away from a 5-pound maltese named Casper, who's a doll. Juno was probably like, "hmmm, Casper, don't you look delicious!"

    erika: beg your pardon? lemme hand you the pair for a few days... you'll be petitioning the churches to saint me now...

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