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Friday Fives

Friday Fives

August 14, 2009
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Thank Dogs its FRIDAY! Woo hoo! How fast the week flies by when you're working and playing with dogs.  Training, hikes and house projects await the weekend. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


"Yes, I like this place. The grass really pulls out the green in my eyes."


Those Crest Whitening Strips are working out well for Loki.


Having Loki just pulled Juno's finger, the chi-wow-wow senses the noxious transgression.


"Wow! What have your bi-peds been feeding you?"


"Man, I should lay off the frijoles."

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5 comments on “Friday Fives”

  1. I enjoyed going back in time and learning a bit more about your crazy family. The tooting, Ch, Louie, in the same class as Loki??? wow And a love is born. Sweet friendship.

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