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The TravelMarx Visit Wild Dingo

The TravelMarx Visit Wild Dingo

August 12, 2009
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Last week, posting was light because the TravelMarx came to town. I was a bit of a nervous wreck (which ok, is not out of the norm) because one of them is my brother and knowing that one of the two quadrapeds living here is a bit of a lunatic (I won't name names...but his name begins with a "Lo" an ends with a "ki"), I was really concerned about how they'd all get on during their stay.   Like I had to worry.  I was completely shocked at how well behaved the evil, err, the two were.  So much  packed into four days: dog tricks, dog training, two yoga classes, a party, and a museum visit. Here are a few highlights from their stay.


I really wanted Loki to like both TravelMarx so I stuffed two tug toys in Marc's and Mark's luggage when I picked them up so they could pull them out after meeting the terrible two-some. I'm a thinker like that.  Anyone who plays tug with the 24-hour tug machine is on Loki's A-List.


I love to bore everyone with a dog and trick show. Loki and Juno gave a private performance of their best agility.
"Oh crud. The things this human puts us through..."


We went for a walk on the first day in the mountains. Loki and Juno complain about how ruff they have it and beg Marc to bring them back to Seattle.


We live to torment the dogs.
Loki: "Hey Little Miss, watch where you stick that nose."
Juno: "Like I have a choice. Do you think I'd willingly put my nose anywhere it could be blown off?"


We'll never get a dining room table. Who needs one when the dining room can be a tug room?


We tormented the Travelmarx with a morning at the K9 Clinic.  A year ago, Loki could  not do this simple little behavior of sitting quietly at the training clinic. One day last year, Loki barked at a puppy and the trainer was like, "Barking at a puppy? That's not right." And I'm all like "WTF? Hello....Have you NOT noticed that he never shuts up? Like, can you provide either advice on what to do or slip him a Mickey so we can all have a little peace of mind?"  Little things like sitting quietly make me think there's hope for him yet.


For once, Loki is the calm one and I look like a lunatic marching soldier. "Oh please, oh please don't let us get kicked out of the master's class!" Loki walks next to his GSD buddy, Yagu. Seems like all the shepherds really like Loki, or maybe they enjoy ignoring him. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Loki bully a GSD on the field.  He's bullied a lot of other dogs, but never a GSD.


This doesn't look that interesting. But seriously? Half these dogs in this tightly knit group are "naughty," meaning,  they've been labeled aggressive or dog aggressive. One of them in particular is rated a 10 on a scale of 1-10 (no not Loki) and I've never seen that dog be naughty in class.  And they're all calmly laying down in close proximity next to each other with no naughtiness. It's impressive what training can do for a behaviorally challenged dog. Though its never a good idea to leave Loki lying down too long. It gives him time to plan his revenge...on me!


"Hey human, what's next? If I'm such a "working dog" what the hell am I doing always laying around?"


Juno shows up for her class with Mr. Wild Dingo and makes crazy eyes at the camera. But she does us proud. During class, Scott recalled her and Loki whined while he watched from the sidelines. For a split second during her recall, she glanced over and considered following Loki's whining request "don't go to my human Scott" but she made me proud and blew Loki off and finished running to Scott. Loki immediately got put in the car for bossing Juno from the sidelines. Doh! The power is shifting. Loki is losing his ground on Juno!


Posing with one of the TravelMarx before Juno's class starts.


Wow! Who says Huskies aren't obedient? She's like the only dog in her class who can heel off leash. Juno turns on a dime and follows Scott's request to heel.


"Wow pop. Nice biceps. Oh what's that? You want me to sit? Maybe I'll just lay here a little bit longer and admire those biceps."


That night we hosted a BBQ. I never remember to take pictures during the party, but we got a quick shot of the early food.


Juno turned from a husky into a hussy, turning tricks every chance she had. She learned very fast that her Juno Mind Trick would make any sucker deliver a tasty human treat into her mouth! She should be arrested for selling herself so shamelessly.


Loki catches on to the scam too and play bows all the party suckers into giving him grilled chicken.


The next day, we visited the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco on the last day, sans dogs. I know, it's uncivilized how dogs are not allowed in some places. Here we are in a "rainforest." I donno. I expected a little more Jurasic Park and a little less concrete for it to feel like a rainforest. Most of the plants were common household plants and the biggest thing we had to worry about (other than humidity frizzing our hair) was a butterfly accidentally landing on us. Lame.


Posing with the TravelMarx on the "weed roof" (Living Roof) of the Academy of Science. The docent told us they started with 7 species of indigenous plants last year to grow the garden on the roof. In less than a year they have over 70. Then she told us that they would remain low and like ground cover and would never get that tall. Um, ya, right.  I'll bet it takes more energy to maintain it than it actually saves or produces.

We pause for a bit of yoga at the end of our visit. I balance precariously in "Half Moon on Wedge Heels" pose, while Mark to the left balances in "Half Moon Hand Holding" pose and Marc on the right takes the "Saturday Night Fever" pose. Visitors in back practice "Laugh at the Morons" pose.

The End.

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  1. Umm... OK, wait. I almost have this figured out. His name begins with a “Lo” an ends with a “ki”... begins with a “Lo” an ends with a “ki”...
    No, I'm gonna have to ask Stormy to help me with this one.
    Woo, Juno? If you did that in front of my mom, she'd get you any thing your heart desired, then melt into a pool of slush right at your feety-feet. Just a guess.

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