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Role Reversal

Role Reversal

August 28, 2009
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sierra-visits-1Sierra (a sweet German Shepherd puppy) and her mom Christine came for an unplanned visit last night. Loki, Juno and I were headed out the door to go to our beach class when the phone rang. Christine’s car was broke down about a mile from my house. She was headed to the same class. So I went up to save her and Sierra and we had a pleasant visit. There was no way we could fit 3 dogs and 2 people in my mini cooper to go to beach class so we decided to hang out, go for a walk and wait for the tow truck.

dsc00979-500Loki was the consummate gentleman. Surprised? I am. But I had him on leash. I expected Juno to be shy and sort of playfully greet my guests and run away. So I left her off leash. Instead, she got all alpha on poor Sierra. Huh? Where’d she learn these moves? Darn Loki! On the leash Juno went. We all went for a pleasant walk up to the tree farm where Christine’s car was broke down. On the way, Sierra had her first experience with Nitwit Bridge and survived! When the tow truck came, we went back home and all had a cold drink. Juno was even pleasant enough to share the water bowl with Sierra.

Sierra’s a sweet gal. Very well-mannered for a puppy…yes a puppy! But that’s because Christine has a skillet too and she’s not shy about using it! Boooowhahahaha!


Juno: "German Shepherd? I don't see no German Shepherd!"
Loki: "Oh I see one, but I'm so not moving from this spot. No way, no how do I want a piece of what Mom would hand out."

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  1. Storm greets all new dogs with displays of dominance. She tries it with small children too, but of course I don't let her. Its always surprising because she's sooooo submissive to me and other adults. It took several days of asserting herself before she would even think of playing with the dog we're pupsitting.

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