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Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer

August 31, 2009
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In the blink of an eye, summer is almost gone. How'd that happen? Between painfully slow Internet access and frantically pulling together September's masthead, I thought I'd grab some random Summer training shots of the brats at work. I'm so sad to see the Isle of the Ill-Behaved masthead leave this month!


"I'm not so sure shaking the hula hoop is defined in the definition of "working dog." Besides, it brings a little too much attention to my apple bottom booty."


"Weee!" Juno scretchs to a hault and sits promptly in the show-down competition of hurdling an obstacle and recalling to the sit. She beats the border collie by minutes. Woo hoo! Huskies rule and Border Collies drool. But I'm not competitive. Nope, not at all.


"Shoooow me the hot dog!"


"You want me to do what? Sit next to him? Up here? How much will you pay me?"


"If I close my eyes really tight, this beach class will go away and I will be running free on the Isle of the Ill-Behaved!"


Sneak-peak at September's masthead inspiration.

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6 comments on “Last Days of Summer”

  1. So how much DID you get paid, Juno? BOL - cute pic.

    Love the new masthead - very creative - so you change by the month? Yikes, we have been blogging over a year and we have only managed to change once. Gotta get at the Momster about that.

    woos, the OP Pack

  2. Hmmmm..... new use for all the hula hoops we have in stock. So far we've only used them for jumping through on rainy days.


    p.s. we see that you're starting to convert to the pawsome language of dogs

  3. Lol! I saw your comment on the AO4 blog about Juno not howling. How old is she again? Just hang in there, it took Storm seven years to learn to howl and now she does it pretty often. 😀

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