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Thoughtless Thursday

Thoughtless Thursday

August 6, 2009
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dsc00490-thumbI'm a day behind in posting, so instead of posting a Wordless Wednesday photo like many of the extended pack, I'm going to post a Thoughtless Thursday-- old photos that don't take much too much thought. Wild Dingo has guests this week so posting will be light for the rest of the week. I know Wild Dingo's 3 readers hang on every post, so it's important to inform the masses of these changes.

The photos below were taken almost a year ago. Juno wasn't wearing a collar because shortly after we got her, we had the inevitable teeth tangle incident that almost every husky owner runs into with mouth-wrestling dogs. Loki's big jaw got tangled and twisted in Juno's slip (no buckled) collar and it almost choked her to death. Thankfully there were two of us, one to hold them to keep from freaking out and the other to run for scissors to cut the collar off. It scared the bejesus out of us enough to not collar her at home for a while. Loki was wearing his girly purple collar in this photo because it had a buckle and could be undone if teeth got caught in that. Now they both wear breakaway collars, and somehow, since that incident, neither dog has been dumb enough to repeat it. But maybe we're just lucky.


"The first time we met I told you I was trouble. I work at it lady, I don't play at it. You've got enought shady friends to know different."


"They're all soft compared to you, big boy."


"Thanks lady. But you're no English Muffin yourself."

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6 comments on “Thoughtless Thursday”

  1. Wait, wait - there are 6 of us, so you have more than 3 readers among us alone!

    We had a collar incident as well, so strongly believe in the breakaway collars. Except now Cheoah has determined that ripping everyone's collars off is a game. Why does the human always sigh and shake his head around us?

  2. And there are 4 of us! Ha woooo!
    Hey, Loki. I love the "tennis ball in the mouth" look. It's a great splash of color. And purple is NOT girlie! I wear purple, too. It's the color of royalty -- don't let anypup tell you differently!

  3. boy, i got in trouble for saying "girly purple!" Purple is Wild Dingo's signature color! We LOVE purple here. It was just "that" shade was a little to standoutish for him and just didn't fit his personality, tho we love purple collars, and so now we let juno wear the purple (it's subtle in her breakaway collar)...it looks much better on her! I aggree! Purple is great royalty! I'm still looking for a really pretty purple breakwaway collar for her...one that's unique and maybe has some design in it...

  4. Loki looks very handsome in the purple!

    Thanks so much for the tip on the break away collars. Lucy and Frankie wrestle this way, and I guess it has just been our dumb luck not to have a horrible incident.


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