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Flossing and Bossing

Flossing and Bossing

September 8, 2009
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"Last night's tri-tip is still stuck between my inscisors. The last thing I want is halitosis!"


"Hey dollface, you're using the wrong tools. Let the chump with the white choppers show you how it's done."


"First, take a bite on this here purple octopus."


"Ya, just like that."


"Now just sit still while I work these long legs in and out of your toofs."


"Thanks Big Boy. That feels lots better."


"But I sure wish these came in a minty flavor!"
"Princess, beggers can't be choosers."

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6 comments on “Flossing and Bossing”

  1. Wubba wubba!!! We have red, purple, and yellow ones here. And most of the "legs" are so shredded that you could really use them to floss those tight spots.

    Great story:)

    Play bows, the OP Pack

  2. Woo! I have a purple Wubba, too! And a camo one, and a green one that's allegedly Ammy's but it's MINE, and a blue one that's allegedly Zimmie's but it's MINE, and a red one that's allegedly Stormy's but if she isn't looking it's mine unless she wants it, and another blue one that's mine.
    Juno.... you weren't REALLY biting through that rope, were you?

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