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Training for NitWits

Training for NitWits

September 4, 2009
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dsc02220-1Happy Friday! Loki's released his first two short videos: Training for NitWits. Don't try this at home kids.

Here are two videos of Loki doing a "down during a recall" exercise. One thing I learned is that it's a lot harder to handle your dog and video at the same time than it seems. Body language and consistency is important so Loki hesitates in the second video because he can't understand what my hand signal is telling him behind the video cam.

Loki & Juno get their awesome training from The K-9 Clinic in Corralitos. Go check them out! (Guess who built and maintains their site??)

Read more about NitWit Bridge's story, how it got its name and with photos.

Loki's First Try at Night: He pretty much nails it. Sorry for the dark video. There was no natural light at 7 PM!


The next day we went back to get a video in the day time:

When he's not traveling, Mr. Wild Dingo calls me a few times a day and asks, "Are the dogs using the treehouse?" Well, now he's been in Asia all week and has emailed me, "are the dogs using the treehouse?"

No Honey, I don't think they're using the treehouse:


Read more on the treehouse and it's remodel (1-week later).

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8 comments on “Training for NitWits”

  1. I went back and read the posts on the construction of the tree house (will read the remodel in a minute) and I think it is soooo cool! I don't think Storm would appreciate one (afraid of heights) but I know the goats would LOVE it!

    Videos were great too. I enjoyed listening to your German. What were you saying when praising him? I don't know much, just some of the basic obedience commands in German and French.

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