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Weekend Re-Cap

Weekend Re-Cap

September 28, 2009
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Wild Dingo had a doggie-event filled weekend. Saturday started with our normal training classes in the A.M. And the husky continued to get brag-awards, doing all her obedience perfectly well. Recalls, downs, downs during recalls. You name it, she was chosen as a star student to demonstrate her good behavior.

So I treated the two to a special Summer Pawty, a doggie event with demonstrations, rallies, agility courses, fun vendors and lots of new people and dogs to meet and greet. First up, Loki spotted the Police Officers and his favorite toy. "Aw maw, come on, there's THAT toy... come on, phhhhalllease can we go say hello?"   Since we were late to the party, we missed the demo and the officers were packing up their booth. As I chatted with one officer, Loki glued his nose to a suitcase that the other officer was holding. Then he looked up at the officer and re-glued his nose to the suitcase. The officer asks me, "Is your dog trained in search?" And I'm like, "Um, no. Retardo here just looks the part."  The officer replies, "'Oh, well I wondered because he's awfully interested in this suitcase and it's filled with heroin."  First I was shocked, then embarrassed. I mean, I'm pretty sure he's not trained in this work. So that could only mean one other thing.


Um, Loki, is there a habit of yours you haven't told me about?

So then after Loki and I chatted with the nice officers and we got some ideas about work that Loki may be good at, I moved on to the rally. Juno and Loki got to try an AKC staged small rally course, purely for fun, not contest. Both Loki and Juno got A's in rally. Me? I flunked. I can't tell my right from left, my halts from my go's or my turns from my straight aways.

Off to the agility area. AH! Now this is where we can REALLY show how great we are. I placed Loki in a down and took Juno on the course. She performed tunnels and jumps nicely and afterwards I placed her in a down and took Loki out. No sooner did he make it through the tunnel did I see my black and white blur go by me, breaking her down-stay. (WHAT? the school star blows it in real life!) Chief of Police Retardo Montalban immediately jumped on the scene to tackle her and bring her back to no avail. But he came back perfectly on recall.  And "Juno come!" fell on deaf ears. This is all I saw:


Hmmm... A husky who grows instantly deaf in an environment filled with  people, dogs, kids (who love to feed her), food and toys. Imagine that. How could I be so silly as to expect her to come back to me? Damn dog. Luckily, she repented the following day by performing her famous tricks for treats show at the Assisted Living home, bringing smiles to all the residents.

Still, I can't understand how a dog who just a few weeks ago, resisted the biggest temptation of all. Getting up to play with about 15 other dogs who broke their downs. Here she is laying down very well with Loki:


We had to leave our dogs and walk to the ocean


Surprisingly, Loki and Juno stayed down while almost every single dog got up and "yahoo'd" all over the beach, full speed. I could have kissed them both for being so great.


And yet, they succumb so easily to their old habits. Hmmm. Maybe it's not too late for me to turn this ship around:

FOR SALE! Two "Working" Dogs!
Would make a great team in a unique business.
One has a running habit.
The other has a drug habit.

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10 comments on “Weekend Re-Cap”

  1. LOL-- we need to get Loki & Sugar together! They could tag team briefcases full of heroin. Sugar could lure Loki into the deep pits of Bambi barbecue. What a beautiful couple they would be!

  2. Wooos!For some reason I can not get Mom to stop laughing.... something about once a husky always a husky... hmmm, I wonder why she is still laughing...
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. Loki - Little story for you.

    Our hu-dad was coming into the country from Amsterdam, of all places. The USDA uses beagles at customs and as our dad was waiting with many others to get through customs, this little beagle comes walking up beside him and sits down - the sign of contraband found. Our dad sweats, even though he knows he has nothing wrong, until the guy suddenly breaks his pose and starts saying good dog, good dog.

    A training session in a "real" situation and the beagle perfectly spotted the suspect, the plain clothes officer to our dad's left.

    We still laugh over that.

  4. Well, seriously. She's a Siberian.... and a Sibe's got to do what a Sibe's got to do. You may think we can be trusted off lead... and we WANT you to think that.... but instinct will kick in, ears will close, and we will take OFF. Urr... not that I've done that. Lately. (Cursed leashes!)
    And Loki? Perhaps he was a police dog in a former life.
    Tail wags,

  5. Mom you are right to be proud of them.
    Mom is proud if we just stay for an instant.. Of course it is hard to yell at deaf dogs.. The Red's are learning their signs but we still need work..

    You 2 are very handsome/beautiful...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

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