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Best Behaving Sibe Ever

Best Behaving Sibe Ever

October 8, 2009
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute


I donno. Call me crazy but I kinda prefer this one:


At least she has a sense of humor, can perform magic and is helpful around the house.

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9 comments on “Best Behaving Sibe Ever”

  1. Doesn't cuddle up with you - on its on terms
    Doesn't take you for hikes in the woods
    Doesn't make you laugh (or cry)
    Doesn't howl its beautiful song
    Doesn't do a play bow to you just when you need it most
    Doesn't do wild zoomies just when you need the energy

    For all the trouble, I will take the real thing everyday.

  2. While the giant stuffie does look like fun, I'd have to raise a paw for the real thing. I'd even take a FMD if you have a spare.

    Brice the Bread Hunter

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