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Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Taught Him to Find My Keys…

Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Taught Him to Find My Keys…

October 9, 2009
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"Hey Big Daddy, there's a whole world out there waitin' for a little Formosan-Siberian action."


"I dig what you're sayin' baby. Lay it on me straight."

"How about you score those keys to the car and we can blast ourselves whacky this weekend?"


"Cool it cupcake. How am I supposed to beat my rap if you're always baitin' me with the cheese?"

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6 comments on “Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Taught Him to Find My Keys…”

  1. Lol! Because I'm a glutton for punishment haha. I like making blogs and I really like writing so it's fun to have a blog for each critter. I don't really want to put Jackal's and Storm's blogs together because Jackal's really is supposed to only be a training blog. Storm's is just something I write in occasionally and is mostly for posting pictures. 🙂 The farmer blog is separate because it's mainly for keeping in touch with my mom and she doesn't really like reading about the dog training. She knows nothing about it, so finds it boring. Anyway, probably more of an answer than you wanted. 😀

    P.S. I actually have ten blogs, six of which I write in regularly. The others are just private. 🙂

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