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October 26, 2009
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Bulletin for Mom and Pop: all is well but we miss you. We tried interrogating the visitor by licking him but it didn't work. He won't reveal your whereabouts. We will work on him some more. He has gotten better at keeping shoes hidden - did you or your friends say something to him?

Bone Face

Where is she? Tell us or else.

Keeping Watch

Juno guarding Loki.

Pickets and Sibe

Wicket pickets!

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8 comments on “Interrogation”

  1. Kisses are the key to success - keep the licking going. And there is nothing like a nap in both the sun and the shade - nice pickets you have there.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. HA! Licks will not work. But perhaps "chemical weapons" will. Ask him to feed you frijoles for dinner. That may help with the coercion!

    You two look well fed and well-rested. You need more beatings. I'll call the TravelMarx and make sure he knows were to find the skillets, rolling pins and waffell irons for your daily beatings. booowhahahah.

    hugs and kisses to you. And many thanks to TravelMarx for taking care of you. keep on kissing him. i think he likes it!
    ~Mr. & Mrs. Wild Dingo

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