Write a Book

“Write a book,” they all keep saying. Well, here’s your book. It’s not for sale on Amazon. Sorry about that. Amazon requires a huge mark up for print-on-demand photography books like this. But it’s for sale in hardcover and softcover. Visit the shop page to read more.  I’m also selling my photography through Zenfolio which is also on the shop page. I’ve only posted a few images and will keep adding to them daily but you can also request any image on my web site and I’ll add it to Zenfolio for you. I’m working on a way to purchase directly from my site but that involves a lot of geek-out coding stuff that my Lyme brain is not yet equipped to deal with.

Suisse Update

A lot of you are probably wondering when we’re moving. We’re wondering too but there’s not a whole lot we actually know yet. Mountains of bureaucracy has made getting our Swiss Work Visas more difficult than we anticipated. But we are still on track to move. We drove a 3-hour round trip in the non-stop storm to the city on Monday to meet with the Swiss consulate for exactly 3 minutes. We brought all sorts of proof-of-identity and anticipated an in-depth interview on why we needed a work Visa. But the clerk only scanned our passports and sent us on our way. Our applications were not processed yet, but she expected them to be processed and completed within the next few weeks. That’s all we know.

In other news, we found out Swiss Air will be starting direct flights to Zurich in June, which makes it a whole lot easier on us to fly with the dogs. No airlines will fly an animal with a layover. We were planning to drive to and fly from L.A. But now that’s one less leg of the trip we have to worry about.

And Loki and Juno remain up to their usual mischief causing quite a stir outside the Swiss Consulate:

Meanwhile, at the consulate’s office, I picked up about 37 thick brochures on Switzerland. As I picked them out, Mr. Wild Dingo claimed that I did not need “Gourmet Switzerland.” Silly Mr. Wild Dingo! Internet, can you believe he actually thinks I’m going to cook while I’m on my two-year vacation?

Wild Dingo’s BIG NEWS

And we have a winner. And some runner-ups because there were so many that made me giggle. First the news. Drum Roll please …

Wild Dingo is relocating from Northern California to Luasanne, Switzerland. I know. Insane. I can’t even freaking believe it myself. To answer the obvious: YES we can bring our dogs, with no quarantine.  That was the fist thing we thought about before we even considered the move.


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We’re Waiting for You

Wow a week has gone by quickly. Everything has gone smoothly inspite of a nearby wildfire, a wind storm, a fallen tree, and a few power outages. Juno and Loki have been great sports, great fun and good company. We celebrated our last full day together with two raw bones. Yummy.

Are They Home Yet

Only one day to go and then it’s back to behavin’.

All Ears

Shh, I’m listening for their return.

All Eyes for Their Return

Okay, I’ll keep watch then.


Bulletin for Mom and Pop: all is well but we miss you. We tried interrogating the visitor by licking him but it didn’t work. He won’t reveal your whereabouts. We will work on him some more. He has gotten better at keeping shoes hidden – did you or your friends say something to him?

Bone Face

Where is she? Tell us or else.

Keeping Watch

Juno guarding Loki.

Pickets and Sibe

Wicket pickets!

Out of the Office

Wild Dingo is out of the office October 22-29, visiting the foliage on the East Coast. TravelMarx may be guest-blogging occassionally (its not guaranteed) — if you hound them. Feel free to hound them for a Loki or Juno fix at travelmarx @ wilddingo.com (type it in as normal to your email program).


“We’ll just stay right here in ‘our’ office, and stay out of trouble, until you get back mom…”

Ya, right. Um, TravelMarx? A bit of advice. Hide your shoes.