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Breaking Points & Invalids

Breaking Points & Invalids

November 9, 2009
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First off, we at Wild Dingo are overwhelmed with the all the warm wishes that have been tossed our way for Juno Belle. Overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes, thoughts and comments that keep rolling in.


Juno is home tonight, resting next to her cone of shame, which is there in case she gets any ideas of trying to eat her catheter. The source of her fever is still unknown. She's been sick since Thursday with a fever of 103 -104 which climbed to 105 and 106 on Sunday. She went to the ER on Sunday and stayed overnight.  They put her on antibiotics and fluids and her temp came down. I transported her back to my vet today where she could stay on fluids and be monitored. All her blood work is normal. All her ultrasounds, x-rays, chest x-rays & organs are normal.  There are no foxtails or tick disease of any kind. There "seems" to be an infection, but we don't know where it is. She responds very well to IV fluids and general antibiotics and her fever goes down and hangs around 102 (normal) and 103 (a little high) on fluids. Off fluids, it climbs.  It "could" be an infection, yet, on the other hand it can be a bad virus.

I tried to get Dogtor Hilary to swab her nose for H1N1 test, but this sweet thing, who's never been known to bite any person or pup, actually got a wee bit pissed off and let Dogtor Hilary know she had NO intentions of letting anyone stick something up her nose! After having had her jodhpurs and bum violated with a thermometer every two hours, her gumdrop nose was her last unchartered territory and she went to great lengths to defend it.  We all have our breaking points.  Juno's was a swab up her nose.


"Bust me the hell outta here, now. I thought this was a cool place with salmon Zukes and all sorts of delicious treats. But you won't believe what they tried to do to me here."

Though she's home tonight, Dogtor Hilary wants to see her first thing in the a.m. to check her temp and provide fluids again if she needs them. I'm hoping her temp will continue to stay low so she can stay home. (Have I mentioned how much everyone at Wild Dingo LOVES Dogtor Hilary?)


"Hilary, I like ya lady. I really do. But I think we've reached a point in our relationship where boundaries have been crossed. Things have be stuck in places where they shouldn't be. "


"I swear, I won't bug her. Just make her better so I can bite her husky scruff again!"

It's been a crazy week since we came back from our trip. First, I hit something in the road and my car is out of alignment and it needs costly repairs. Then Mr. Wild Dingo broke his wrist in a cycling accident. Shortly after that, Juno came down with this fever. With no pet insurance (our bad), it is costing a pretty penny.

The other night I had a dream that a police officer stopped me for traveling 45 mph in a 40 mph zone and was going to ticket me. I pleaded with him not to give me the costly ticket, "My husband broke his wrist, my car is broken, my dog is very sick. And did you know they won't even deliver mail to my home?"  My husband woke up to me sobbing that last sentence about the mail issues we have. Guess that was the sign of my breaking point.

So now I have not one, but two, invalides in the House of Dingo.


I guess Mr. Wild Dingo hasn't reached his breaking point yet.

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18 comments on “Breaking Points & Invalids”

  1. Just don't try and stick any swab things up Mr. Wild Dingo's nose (although he doesn't look like he could move too fast). Juno looks like the Dogtor has some explaining to do regarding recent violations. Hope they can patch things up.

    Our paws are crossed for diagnosis and cure really soon (well, for Juno anyway, not sure if there is much hope for Mr. Wild Dingo).


  2. Did Mr. WD go to the same doctor as Juno? Was he trying to lick his wrist?

    Continued good thoughts for Juno - and for the whole WD clan.

    P.S. - I would gripe that my mailbox is down on the "main road" as well, but i have the phenomenal mailman who is forever bringing some package to my house despite the fact that it breaks the rules. Ron is great and believes in customer service - and likes to see the dogs. Very cool.

  3. Wooos Juno! I hope woo are getting better, all of the time... I do not like things stuck up my nose either, so phhhhffftttt to that vet... I see woo have shaved front legs too, just like me, don't worry the fur grows back there very fast. I hope Mr Dingo there does not whine alot about his little paw. Mom has enough worries.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Get well soon, Juno-bug! We have many adventures awaiting us! We need to gang up on Loki (and maybe Mr. WD since he is-- after all-- male) and torment him, some time in the future. Crazy lady keeps telling me to "chill out and be patient" because she knows what it feels like to be home-bound and undergoing doctor care. She feels your angst and frustration. I've started wearing a backpack, so I can carry her meds when she goes for her treatments. Maybe Loki could help you out, too? Can't you see him walking around with your IV and catheter in a backpack? Yeah, I'm giggling at the thought, too...;-)
    Luv you!

  5. Hi there!
    We keep our paws crossed in prayers that Juno gets well really soon.

    Hang in there. We hope that Mr. Wild Dingo will be ok right away and so it the car and things will be alright there.

    Hope the rest of week brings you lots of great and happy news.

    - Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet

  6. hi, we heard about juno at mango's blog. we hope juno is on the mend and her fever is going away. we do have a big soft spot in our hearts for juno doggies. we had a big malamute boy named juneau. he was super sweet and passed suddenly several years ago. please give your juno a big hug from us, puglette, charlie, ollie and honey.

  7. Sticking something up poor Juno's nose would just not be right. Also, if she does have Swine Flu, you better give her a lot of bacon and stuff to make it worth it.

    We now have pet insurance after some countersurfing for banana bread landed us in the hospital to the tune of $2000. Later I did some additional countersurfing and ate 8 cupcakes, complete with frosting and cupcake papers, but after a frantic call to the vet, I didn't end up in the hospital that time. Mom says that now that she is paying for insurance, we will probably be healthy!


  8. HILARIOUS!!! You tell Mr. Wild Dingo he is a true sport to let us take out our sick and twisted sense of humor on him! Gotta love him.
    Juno is in my constant thoughts, and as much as I love her, I hope for her sake she can avoid me for a while!

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