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Cross Paws for Juno Belle Jodhpurs

Cross Paws for Juno Belle Jodhpurs

November 8, 2009
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Juno's in the hospital. Since Thursday she's had a fever of 104. Thinking it was viral or mild flu, the vet had given her anti-inflamatory to bring down the fever. On Saturday, I had to bring her in as it was not returning to normal and she was not walking well. She ran blood tests right there and all her functions and blood tests were normal and the first tick panels came back negative. They sent the bloodwork out for other tick panels. My vet then put her on fluids for a few hours and she came home with me on Saturday evening. She also gave her Doxycycline just in case it was tick disease as it was an antibiotic and couldn't hurt even if it wasn't tick disease, while we waited for results. Today, Sunday, her fever shot up to 105.7, despite efforts to bring it down with fluids and cold compresses to belly, armpits and feet pads.  So I took her to the E.R. There it shot up to 106.1. They can't find the source of infection yet, though they are running more blood tests and now ultrasounds and urine tests. She's eating still. She ate tons of chicken soaked in broth today. So there's no concern with her G.I. Her x-rays show something "mild" that "could" (or could not) be pneumonia.  We'll know more when a specialist reviews. But gosh, it's frustrating not knowing what the cause is.

It's so unnatural for her to be so lethargic. She still wagged her tail at me, but she usually jumps up and acts enthusiastically crazy every day to celebrate her happiness. Her winter jodhpurs have filled out and though she's only in the hospital over night, I miss running my hands through them. I was going to do another post about the TravelMarx visit because they took such awesome photos while visiting, but I'll save it for later this week and instead, I'll just share a few of the black and whites they took of Juno.


"Uncle Marc, is that hot dog for moi? Awe shucks, you shouldn't have. But since you did..."


"So are you, or are you NOT going to give me that hot dog? 'Cuz you've got about 3 seconds and if you don't pay up, I'm outta here."


"Duh, I know I'm gorgeous. My secret? My gumdrop nose and my jodhpurs."

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31 comments on “Cross Paws for Juno Belle Jodhpurs”

  1. We are sukhkers fur the gumdrop nose and the jodhpurs!

    Paws khrossed fur woo my furiend!



  2. We have all of our paws crossed here (even Wilbur, because I threatened him) and we are sending all the Sibe Vibes we can so that Juno will get better soon and the vets will figure out what's wrong.


  3. Oh Juno, sweetie, get well soon! You need to teach Sugar your powerful mind tricks, so she can torment crazy lady (more). We hope you feel better. Sugar plans to cross her paws, and both of us will send good "pantyloon" vibes your way (after all, Khrya did invoke the power...).
    Take care!

  4. Not knowing is the worst! I hope that Juno gets better soon. You must be stressed out. We will keep you in our thoughts today.

    Mango Momma

  5. Poor Juno! That fever is scary! I hope they figure out what's wrong really soon so she can return home for well deserved cuddles. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes because I know how much you love her. Please keep us updated. Everyone here is sending healing thoughts your way.

  6. The unknown is always scary. We have our paws crossed and mom had lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way for a good report on Juno today. We know you are woorried, we would be too, but know that you have so many out here pulling for Juno to be better.

    Lots of hugs, the OP Pack and Mom

  7. Wooos Juno! Keeping our paws crossed and sending healing sibe-vibes out to woo!. We hope woo feel better soon. Extra puppy kisses for your mom!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Hi there Juno,

    We found you through through Storm and Jackal. We just want to wish you well and we keep all our paws crossed that you get well soon. You have you in our prayers.

    Please take care!

    Princess, Fudgie, Scrappy, Bullet, Frappie, MOcha & Sugar

  9. My good friend Khyra sent us here. I wanted to let you know that we are keeping Juno in our thoughts, and sending LOTS of vibes her way for quick healing.

    Get better soon Juno!!

    Holly and Khady Lynn

  10. Hi Juno,
    we found you through Mango's blog, and wanted to come over and send you some good vibes! We hope they are able to find out why you have such a high fever! It must be so stressful not knowing what it is!
    Take care!

  11. Hey you - what's all this fever business? We're getting down on our canine knees and raising you up for healing. Even though I am totally crippled up after knee surgery and everyone has stopped giving me any sympathy, I want you to get well first. I am that kind of a corgi. Now enough of this horsing around, you go to bed and get well NOW! We'll be checking on you.

    Love, Dozer (and Dottie and Cooper)

  12. hey juno! i hope ure feeling better and get well soon. i'll keep my paws crossed for u! and u'll be in me and my family's prayers and thoughts.

    love, snowie

  13. Juno..
    Mango and Khyra send me over... Gosh I hope they find the source of your infection and bring your fever down... PAWSItive vibes heading your way.

  14. The OP Pack told us that you were not feeling so good, Juno, and we are sending you all kinds of good, healthy wishes and prayers for healing.


  15. Juno
    You awe twooly bootiful
    my fwiend Mango sent me.
    I'm so sowwy you awe so poowly.I am cwossing my paws and sending you healing smoochie kisses
    Pleez get well

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