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November 11, 2009
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DSC03393That's what the radiologist said yesterday, repeatedly about Juno. Can you believe that? Juno's a lot of things, but "boring" isn't one of them! Insulting! Here's how the conversation between my vet, Dogtor Hilary, and the Radiologist went:

Heart and valves: "Boring."
Lungs: "Boring"
Kidneys & Adrenals: "Boring"
Liver: "Boring."

Oh! O.K. that's what we want to hear. Well, a better word would be "beautiful" or "gorgeous" like the creature Juno Belle is!

Because Juno's fever continued for too long and her white blood cell count recently went up from the first two times they took it, we had a specialist radiologist come in to run ultrasounds on Juno. The most horrific part was that he shaved her beautiful belly. After a thorough exam DSC03387of every single organ with Dogtor Hilary watching every move using state of the art equipment, Juno's organs all looked awesome. So that's the good news. The bad news was we still don't know what the heck this is or why the fever won't break. Dogtor Hilary ran her blood tests again and compared them. WBC's are still a wee bit high and higher than when the first day we tested her (which were normal). Her platelet levels are fine which now rules out autoimmune. We're running more blood work for blood parasites but we're finally honing in on it being a really bad virus, which her body did not fight right away (hence low white blood cells initially), which then turned into an infection "somewhere" but not in any organ. She is responding better to anti-biotics (Baytril) and is home today, eating chicken and metacam (anti inflamatory). Dogtor Hilary does not need to see her for more fluids as Juno's now drinking on her own. She still walks around looking drunk, but she came out to watch Loki train with me this morning (my AM ritual with both dogs). So she's starting to turn around. Every now and then, while she's sleeping, she'll work herself up into a pant. I'll bring her some ice water, and she laps it up and licks the ice if I hold it for her in my hand. So things are good. She spit out her baytrill this morning, ate the meat, but then ate the baytrill pill so my little piggy is back.

I think this will always be a mystery and I'm thankful Loki didn't get it too.


"Oh the indignity of a shaved belly! At least they spared my jodhpurs."


"That Radiologist thinks I'm boring? Well, how does he like this 'blue steel' look? I've been working on this look for two years now. I think it's finally ready for the public. Tell me if you think it's 'boring!' "


"Nurse! Bring me some ice chips!"

Thank you all for your support this week while I freaked out about Juno. She's still not herself and I know she's got a ways to go before she feels completely better. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch my breath and visit all the new pals that have stopped by to wish Juno well. She appreciates all your vibes!

Happy Hump day!


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18 comments on “"Boring..."”

  1. Boring?

    One thing Sibes are NOT is boring!!!

    Thank dog and praise cheeses the jodhpurs were spared!

    Still khrossing and vibing and powering my pantyloons fur WOO!


  2. Whew! I'm glad your boring. Well, you're not boring, but you know what I mean. This is the only time boring is acceptable. But you're definitely not boring in other aspects.

    You need to get some fluff growing! Put it in overdrive! Otherwise you're going to be way too cold when it starts snowing. Steve has been trying to get rid of his fluff. Just Monday, Mom vacuumed and when she came back from dumping the canister, Steve had already left some tufts on the rug. Mom said, "Steve, what is this? Can't you have the decency to wait a few more minutes?" If you want, I could gather up his fluff and you could super glue it to your tummy.


  3. The "Blue Steel" look - it's so hot right now!

    I'm so glad she is improving. Our pets are like infants. They are so precious to us, but they can't tell us what hurts. So we worry so much over them.

    Take care, Juno, and keep getting better.

    Suzanne, Frankie and Lucy

  4. Boring is good, we guess, but it is definitely better than some major problem. We sure hope Juno continues to improve. Tell her the belly fuzz will come back, Phantom can assure her of that.

    Keep getting better, Juno. We are all wishing for that.

    woos, the OP Pack

  5. Finley is very sorry to hear about Juno's woes and hopes she is bouncing around soon. Oh...and don't worry about the shaved tummy Finley naturally dosen't have any hair there...he thinks it's sexy.
    Finley is nursing a wounded toe right now....got bit by a mean three legged dog at the dog park....think he was jealous of Finley's long legs. Vet dosen't want him at dog park for two weeks, he is still pulling up on it on our walks.
    Might be up in your area around Christmas maybe we can all meet!

  6. Maybe they will never know what is wrong, but if you get better that is the main thing. Sorry about the hair cut. I hope they left your panty loons!


  7. hey there! glad ure feeling better! happy for u too! wooof! and im sure ure not boring! is that a medical term for good?

    hope ure all well and playful again!


  8. Wooos Miss Juno! I am glad woo are starting to feel better, I am sure the vet did not mean to say woo are boring, just your innards... silly vets, Husky's are never boring...So sad that woo have to watch Mom work your brother outside while woo are in, I know how awful that is, he is getting treats and woo are not!!!!Bummer about the shaving too, I hat it when the vet does that to me.
    ~puppy kisses and healing sibe-vibes~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. Oh Juno! We havent' met you, but what a gorgeous sibe you are! We send golden vibes out to you to get better soon! It sounds like you are on the mend, and even I can tell by the pictures that you are definitely NOT boring!
    Hugs xo

  10. hang in there juno we are rooting for you to get better soon and boring you are not! funny thing is my h-dad had to go to a specialist to have a lump checked out and the specialist told him he was boring too - must be flash medical speak arf arf

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