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Wrestling Wednesday

Wrestling Wednesday

November 25, 2009
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A few weeks before Juno got sick, I caught this action.


"I needed a drink. I needed a vacation. I needed a house in the country with bones and meat on the table. But what I had was this two-bit Formosan Dog, attached to my neck."


"Hey baby, how about you and me getting tepsichorical?"


"Give me a break Big Boy. Aren't you tired of doggin' me around?"
"The first time we met Princess, I told you, I was a tough guy. Get it through your head. I work at it. I don't play at it."


Then up jumped the devil. Like crap shooters say when seven pops up wrong.


"Come on Cupcake, I know you're full of sugar. Let the big boy show you how it's done."
"Listen Daddy-O, I'm tough enough to swap punches with a power shovel."


"Your moves don't impress me, bro."


 "Waiting for it... waiting for it..."


"Ahhhh..... a little lower please... right there. That's the spot. Maybe a Formosan Dog Attachment has some perks after all."

Juno's got a point. Since Loki was made in Taiwan, maybe there's a way I can get some mass production Formosan Dog back massagers made, imported, priced cheaply and on the store shelves by Christmas.

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14 comments on “Wrestling Wednesday”

  1. That would be most useful for those hard to reach places. I hope to see more bitey face action soon. Juno is getting better, right?


  2. By weaves I meant weaving through the legs. I think it is a little easier than weave poles but don't tell mom I said that. 🙂

    And when she says finish she does mean dog to heel. I got pretty good at that one a while back but we got bored and quit before I was proofed. Don't give her any ideas about practicing dog neglect. I like my attentions.


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