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WTF? Six Days, Thousands of Dollars and Still No Answer

WTF? Six Days, Thousands of Dollars and Still No Answer

November 12, 2009
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DSC03410Things are still not good in the House of Dingo. Juno is still very sick. Her fever has not broken and she's been on Baytril for several days. Her fever should have broken by now. Today it was 104.8. She wouldn't eat any meat this morning, though she ate a ton of chickn last night. She's drinking and her belly is hot so I'm icing her every now and then. It's obvious that there's an infection. We just can't find it. We're now headed for more aggressive testing of the joints and spinal tap and who knows what else the  specialist that my vet has referred us out to may do. We'll be there later today at 3:30.

Needless to say, I'm a freaked.

Loki, though concerned, has not lost his appetite.


"Ya know, if you just spoke Siberian, I could frickin' tell you what's wrong with me, but  noooo... I have to tolerate everything you put me through, all because you're too daft to speak Siberian."


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20 comments on “WTF? Six Days, Thousands of Dollars and Still No Answer”

  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much it sucks to be able to relate to this, and to have no meaningful advice to offer. I'd suspect some odd bacterial infection, but something tells me you have likely gone chasing after the same already.

    We're pulling for you in a huge way...

  2. This is just awful. You are trying so hard to find an answer. No wonder you are freaking. Hang in there, maybe today is the day for a break. I told a blogger friend that we really need some good news today. Hugs and lots of prayers.

    Woos, the OP Pack's Mom

  3. We relate all too well to being freaked out over something like this, as I still have nightmares about Frankie's snake bite.

    We're sending all our love your way with hopes for a turn-around in Juno's situation very, very soon!

  4. Woooos to Loki, and her Mom. It is so hard not to be freaked. I am sending sibe-vibes and puppy kisses, Mom is sending hugs and prayers
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  5. Woooos to Loki, Juno and her Mom. It is so hard not to be freaked. I am sending sibe-vibes and puppy kisses, Mom is sending hugs and prayers
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. Juno -

    Please khwit being so Siberian now -

    We've tormented and freaked out the humans long enough -

    Please listen to my powerful pantyloons!


  7. Hang in there, Wild Dingo! It truly sucks, but everyone is doing all they can for Juno, and she is clearly a fighter. Hoping for that turn for the better ASAP.

    Linda of Bo

  8. Oh no. Poor Juno. I really hope you get some answers today or at least soon. Do you have a university with a vet school nearby? Once my dad had a sick horse that the vet couldn't figure out the issue and finally Dad took the horse to the Oklahoma State University Vet Hospital and they were able to figure it out. Just a thought, though I'm sure you vet is quite capable.

    S&K's mom

  9. Oh dear...poor Juno...and poor you! I can't imagine how distressing and frustrating it must be. I agree - maybe going to a university vet if you can would be a good idea. Sending lots of good vibes and Honey sends lots of healing slobbers,


  10. Poor Juno! I was really hoping that fever would break. I wish there was some way I could help. I hope they find the problem soon. What antibiotic do they have her on? If it's an infection I don't understand why it's not working. Do they think it could be the H1N1? Maybe she could take the Black Elderberry stuff that helps humans. It broke my husband's four day fever after only twenty four hours of taking it. I think it probably saved us a hospital visit when I hear about how sick people are getting it. What other symptoms does she have besides the fever? Please keep us updated.

  11. Hello, we read your message on MaxDog's blog and thought we would visit AND we find out the you're not well too and yet so generous in spirit.

    We wish you well too and KNOW you WILL be soon.....live for the moment like Max's wise advice

    Positive healing vibes to you

  12. Hey there, Juno
    Oh dear...another doggie who is battling. Im just popping by to say "HI" and send my warm wishes to you. Hope they find out what is wrong with you soon. Hang in there buddy!Thank you too for visiting me. Your blog looks wonderful and we love Maggie's legacy.

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