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A New & Improved Search Engine

A New & Improved Search Engine

December 8, 2009
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Yahoo!, Google, Alta Vista: Look out. There are new and improved search engines in town.  And they are a lot cozier than a keyboard and a mouse!


"Hey Rolf, I heard it was your birthday today! Happy 4th dude."
"Thanks Loki."


"So Rolf, what do you feel like doing on your birthday?"
"I'd sure love to show Yahoo! what a real Yahoo Search looks like! You up for a game of search?'


"Absolutely Rolf, buddy. You go first. Age before beauty."
"Keep it up wise-guy. Remember, I'm bigger than you."


The scene is set. Search games begin on the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz.


"Dad lets show this hepcat how a purebred GSD can out-search any manic Formosan GSD, or whatever-the-hell he is."


Rolf revs up his snooter and goes to right to work.


"Ready or not, here I come!"


"You can run, Loki's mom, but you can't hiiiddde! I will find you!"


"There you are! Give me my treat and give me my ball!"


Then it's Loki's turn and he searches for Rolf's Dad, Dan. He frantically goes left.
"Oh my dogs, oh my dogs, where the hell is that guy? I gotta find him or the world will end!"


Is that a gazelle? No, it's Loki, making an about face turn.
"MUST. FIND. DAN! Oh MY DOGS... I think I smell somethin' that smells like a surf board. Is it...? Could it be...?"


"It's Dan! Thank Dog and Praise Cheeses! I found him!"


 "Dude, I'm so glad I found you. I thought you were gone forever!"

Have I mentioned how fun it is to train Loki in search? He rocks it.  Dan really challenged him and hid long and far. At first it seems like Loki just covers a lot of ground frantically and illogically but as time goes on, he puts together a real strategy. On his last search he made his own little scent triangle and made logical decisions at each point until he found Dan. It was really beautiful to watch it.

And it's such a pleasure working with a real GSD like Rolf, who's awesome at tracking and search. He once found a woman's lost keys in the beach for reals! But more importantly, he's a calm, confident dog. Errrr... Loki, are you reading this? Hint, hint...take a lesson or two from Rolf. Chill. You've got a great food, shelter and a husky to play zoomies and bitey face with. Ain't nothin' you should be stressin' about!

Happy Birthday Rolf! You are a rock star! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

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18 comments on “A New & Improved Search Engine”

  1. Oh, we bet that is fun, but for some reason Mom says there is no way we would be allowed off leash for any search:( Happy Birthday to Rolf!!

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  2. Rolf is gorgeous! GSDs will always be my favorite breed right alongside the Siberian. Thanks for sharing the tracking fun. I'd much rather use that search than a Yahoo search. 🙂

  3. Rolfy!!!! Happy Birthday to the most perfect GSD that visits me when Mom and Dad go away! You da best!!!!! I think I've lost my mind during the Holidays, can you find it Rolfy boy????

    Love, Auntie Trina

  4. That is hard, but most rewarding. I would play that game with you if I could hide and totally not move like that Dan guy.


  5. Of khourse he heard it was Rolf's Barkday -

    Those ears khan't POSSIBLY miss a thing!

    Khongrats on a sukhcessful mission!


    PeeEssWoo: Hey JBJ: PANTYLOONS!

  6. I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna play, please? You need to convince crazy lady that I was meant to play with the big boys! I can teach those GSDs that a Formosan Mountain Dog is awesome at search. Imagine what Loki and I could do, together?

    Happy birthday Rolf!


  7. Hmm wait. I tried this search engine. I put in def: pantyloons and it pulled up this: Mango's Great Adventures: I Have an Ouchie
    Oct 30, 2009 ... We don't have a blender BUT we do have PANTYLOONS! ..... We def need you to get some lovin....whoops i mean nursing....i will make Dexter ...
    mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-have-ouchie.html - Cached -
    I was hoping the search engine would redirect me to Juno's Jodhpurs not a MANGO post.

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