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Masticatory Party

Masticatory Party

December 11, 2009
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This time Internet, it was Mr. Wild Dingo's fault. He left the shoes defenseless against the perp. Two of them are his shoes. She collects them outside the mudroom for inspection of masticability. She prefers leather and animal made shoes and has avoided destroying the synthetic stuff. Nothing but the real deal for my masticator!


"Ya, um, Pop? These shoes are not exactly masticalicious."

Juno Pupdate:

She's doing fine, fever and infection-wise. We will never know if it was bacterial infection or autoimmune, unfortunately. And she is on another 40 days of antibiotics. After that, she's off and we monitor her. Since then, we also found she has hip dysplasia. But on top of the hip dysplasia, we found out on Tuesday that she has severe muscle damage in her inner groin, pectineus and iliopsoas muscles. Orthos suggested that from my description of her behavior from the day we adopted her up until today, it was likely she damaged it on her sled-team run (with her fosters and other dogs) and has since been compensating for it and for her hip dysplasia ever since. The ortho who examined her found her back legs in atrophy. Amazing, since she used to do so much agility (she's not allowed to do agility now). He also found extreme pain in her inner groin. So much so, he jerked back his hand when he softly touched her inner groin and her head whipped around in pain. She would not have bitten him, but he didn't know. He noticed her front paws gaited perfectly, but her back paws and legs skewed in, no doubt to help deal with hip dysplasia. In other words, she's squeezing her inner groin muscles to deal with the uncomfortable hips.

The orthopedic surgeon had one more thing to say about Juno: "I've examined numerous Siberians. I've never seen one as well-behaved as Juno. Even the nicest, sweetest ones are not as compliant as she is. She walks exactly at your pace, never pulls her leash and does exactly what you ask her to do." YAWN. Like we haven't heard THAT before.

Seriously though? I've never had a Siberian Husky. Juno is my first. I'm learning all sorts of things about their character.  But all these doctors remarking on her behavior just cracks me up. I never thought anything about it except: "Of course my dog is behaved. Of course she will do as I ask. Of course she will not misbehave, bark or lunge at another dog. Of course she will heel, turn, sit, down as I ask." Like its a big deal?  Apparently being obedient seems to be incongruous with even the best-behaved Siberians! (Thundering Herd, I know you're plotting to capture Juno and teach her your ways. We have her under lock and key.) I eventually fessed up to the Ortho and told him about her masticatory addictions and he was glad to find out she wasn't perfect but hoped she would never be in the ER to fish a shoe out of her belly.

So now Juno's facing 6 weeks of complete rest. No zoomies. No running off leash. No wrestling with Loki. She can go for as long as a walk or several walks as she wants and doesn't limp or feel pain.

Her physical therapy involves this:


I'm so not kidding. The Juno-Mind Trick is her PT. She has to do 5 repetitions of sit, to the Juno-Mind Trick, to sit, to stand, three times per day to strengthen her butt muscles. Juno also gets a few massages daily on her inner jodhpurs (thigh muscles) to loosen up the tightness and she also has to walk on cushions so she can work proprioceptive training of her muscles. She's scheudled to walk the underwater treadmill at the physical therapist's next week.  I wonder if they'll have her perform the Juno-Mind Trick on some pilates balls?


Wild Dingo has some breaking news that has been about to burst for a month now. Instead of just blabbering it here on the blog, I thought it would be fun to host a guessing contest. I will be dropping 3 to 4 clues all next week and announce the actual news on Friday.

The Prize: The winner will receive one or more of the clues shown next week as a prize. In addition, the winner will receive organic doggie treats which will probably not be part of the clues.


  1. Contestants can enter a guess as many times as they'd like in the comments section of Wild Dingo's posts. The first contestant to guess the breaking news will win but will not be announced until Friday. So if a correct guess was made on Wednesday, it won't be known until Friday. I know, maybe its silly, but its my contest and I'm the boss.
  2. Anybody who actually knows the breaking news can participate but they cannot guess the right answer. Instead, they get to participate in a much more sinister way. They are allowed to make as many silly guesses, completely unreleated to the actual breaking news in order to confuse real contestants.
  3. Rule Update: If there is no winner, the "real" contestant who has the most creative guess will be the winner.

That's it! Have a great weekend. Put your thinking caps on by Monday!

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20 comments on “Masticatory Party”

  1. I see a skhwirrel there with said foot apparel -

    I think said skhwirrel was the khulprit -

    Hmmmmmm - the news -

    Well, Juno and I have been in sekhret negotiations to market our own line of pantyloons and jodhpurs -

    We are JUST about to sign one top hot studly INTERNATIONAL khanine superstar to be our spokesmodel -

    He's even ROYALTY too!

    PeeEssWoo: PANTYLOONS AND JODHPURS! Almost like PB&J!

  2. Ah yes, leather shoes are wonderful, but even non-leather shoes are pretty good too. Yummy for my tummy.

    Oooh, a guessing contest! This sounds fantastic!

    I hope you have a GRRRReat weekend my friend,


  3. Leather shoes, huh? I have always been partial to slippers, myself... And Juno - this massage thing doesn't sound like too bad a deal, I mean, I'm sorry that you have to give up zoomies and stuff, but the massage part sounds pretty good.

    In the meantime, I think the breaking news is that space aliens have taken over Washington, D.C., and Juno and Loki are planning a super-secret attack to retake the country from the aliens. Or something like that.

    *kissey face*

  4. Poor Juno. The bad news just keeps rolling in, but at least it's all manageable. Did the doc say how likely it is to have another occurrence if this does end up being autoimmune? Could she go the rest of her life without another episode?

    I'm glad Juno has you guys. A lot of people wouldn't go to the trouble or expense that you have. At least the butt workout and cushion walking is time you can spend together. 🙂 Please do try to get picture, but we understand if you can't.

    Hmm, a guessing contest with no clues so far. My guess is more construction. Either to the dog fort, the house or the bridge, maybe. I'll guess again when we get the first clue. 😀

  5. Hmmmm....... what could it be? Did you make plans to come pupnap The Boy? No? Are you sure? He comes with pillows and a blankie. I can have him packed and on the curb in seconds!!!!!

    Princess Eva

  6. Eva trying to give away monkey sound boy, huh? Good luck with that.

    But sinister we can handle and sinister we will do. We are, after all, Siberians.

    Which leads us to young Juno. First the reverse poodle cut and than the well behaved Siberian routine? We clearly will need to conduct a pupnap and some reverse brainwashing so that you have a full Siberian on your hands when . . . oops, back to sinister.

  7. My Beautiful Raja suffered from the muscle atrophy too due to her hip displace ya. We know what you are going through. Hard to keep a gal like her quiet. I suggest treating her to more shoes. Come on, poor thing, can't run and play. Maybe some from that VET who seems to love her so much. Donations!

    I am preparing my large and deep thinking brain for your contest.


  8. We are crossing everything we have over hear that Juno will not be in pain. My mom Emily had arthfritis and I know Rimadyl helped her quite a bit. And that water dogrobics sounds like fun!

    And this contest is so kool!

    My guess was what Guinnes said, so I will take another one:

    You guys are moving???

  9. Rimadyl! I (heart) Rimadyl...I've witnessed my cat-bro, Max, and my canine-sis, Linguini thrive on that stuff. Mom also gives Linguini a special joint supplement that has worked miracles. If you're interested, I'll find out exactly what it's called from my mother. Linguini and Max are both back 100% and Linguini celebrates by jumping out of our yard and roaming the streets.

  10. Juno now that no zoomie, no wrestling stuff doesn't sound like a good time at all.. You have to do it though so that you get all better.. When Callie had to be calm we had to give her doggie downers... She is a bit hyper!!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Yikes, more problems. Poor Juno. Well, this six weeks of rest ought to test her true Siberian nature. Hope you have some good tricks up your sleeve for this one.

    For the contest, is there a plan underway to build a new and improved bridge?

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  12. Haha! Good work on the shoes!

    And thanks for the update on Juno. Sounds like maybe she was too young and physically immature for some of the sledding prior to her adoption by you? We'll keep our paws crossed for her continued strength and recovery.


  13. Hmmm.. Juno you put a beer in with that shoe party and you got yourself a visitor. You know, Juno knew along what exercises to do.. the mind tricks. It finally took you humans to figure it out. That is pretty cool way to retrain the muscles and her gait by walking on cushions. I wonder if you'll have a new den.. one tiled in cushions. That would be fun... wait wouldn't that be a padded room? huh? I heard about those places.

  14. The contest should be fun!

    Steve is getting his x-rays on Friday. The vet's personal dog has hip dysplasia so she is very sympathetic to Steve's cause. She mentioned that Siberians tend to be drama queens, but in our family, it's usually Kat being the drama queen, not Steve.

    We sure hope that Juno is able to get much better over the course of her treatment. As for the shoes, there was a toy in the mix, so maybe she just got confused.

  15. Hey Juno... I was just perusing your archives and am shocked to learn you are a fellow orthodog! I guess you HD did not require surgery (this post was way back before I knew you but don't think I have seen it mentioned) which is awesome. I am most interested about this groin pull as this is what Moose has done too himself. I saw your treadmill action... did you do that a lot? The sit stand (pushups) for butt muscles I guess was mostly to stabilize your hips better but I wonder if Moose should be doing them. I did not get a lot of clear instructions from our ortho other than rest and was not even clear how strict that needed to be. But you were put on rest and it was still ok to do push-ups? Maybe I will try that with Moose. He has no hip troubles luckily but I suspect that leg is weaker from the knee surgery and that is what led to the pull. Anyways, lots of rambling but I am wondering how long you had to rest and when you got 'all' better?

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