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Wild Dingo's BIG NEWS

Wild Dingo's BIG NEWS

December 18, 2009
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And we have a winner. And some runner-ups because there were so many that made me giggle. First the news. Drum Roll please ...

Wild Dingo is relocating from Northern California to Luasanne, Switzerland. I know. Insane. I can't even freaking believe it myself. To answer the obvious: YES we can bring our dogs, with no quarantine.  That was the fist thing we thought about before we even considered the move.


Next question: Yes, it's because Mr. Wild Dingo's job is transferring him. Actually, he recommended himself for the new position in August, but a transfer from the U.S. to a Europe office takes a long time so we never really knew until Thanksgiving, when he returned home from a visit out there. That day he needed a beer.

Next question: Yes, we're keeping our newly built mountain home. The transfer is temporary for two or three years. Which will fly by in a blink of an eye I'm sure.

Next question: We think the move won't happen for two or three months. Though Mr. Wild Dingo's new boss wants him to start immediately. So he'll most likely be gone a lot until we move.

Next question: Yes, I'm working on paperwork and passports for Loki and Juno so they can travel easily throughout Europe. I mean, what else am I going to do there, work? Silly readers. Wild Dingo barely works as it is. Or at least, that's what Mr. Wild Dingo says.  No instead, we'll be working with a tutor (and not Dex's tutor thank dog!). But this tutor will help us learn better French. We already speak it, but we want to speak it so they understand us. It'd be nice not to get pointed at and hear "silly American!" And my other activities there will be hopefully, dog training Loki in a sport, as well as day and weekend travel trips, Amelie-style with postcards of the two in famous places. Well, that's the plan. Nothing ever goes to plan. I mean, we didn't "plan" to move to Switzerland, did we?

Now for the Winners!

planet blue dog-howlidaysFirst, thank you all for playing my silly game. It was too fun and I hope to do more like it in the future. You all made me giggle every day and in this day, in this time, that is no small feat. So you are all winners in my book. And for that, Planet Blue Dog asked me to pass on this PAWESOME discount of 10% off if you mention the code: HOWLIDAYS.

The Winner of the Contest was Darwin of The Evolution of Darwin!


Darwin Won:

chase-itChase It...Dogs Love It!
Fun for puppies, dogs, cats and people of all ages. Grab onto the ergonomic handle and move the toy in a circular, zig zag or lunging motion and watch your pets enthusiastic reaction! At first, most pets do not realize a human is activating it. A game of chase has never been this much fun! The toy is attached with a velcro strap and, therefore, is replaceable. The Chase-It collapses (telescopic) to 18" and extends to about 48".

salmon-pawsSalmon Paws
Human-Grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Unlike many other salmon treats out on the market today, it is made from 100% Pure Salmon Meat with NO Bones, Fillers or other ingredients. Only the finest salmon is used to hand-make these premium pet treats. You can try it too! It makes an excellent training treat, because it brakes up easily into small pieces without crumbling.

And she also won:

A Pair of Jodhpurs!Designed specifically by Juno Belle Jodhpurs and fit exculsively for Darwin's size.


Juno Belle Jodhpurs jodhpurs are low maintenance jodhpurs.No laundering and no pressing is required. Just floof, walk and be prepared for the compliments!

And becuase I'm the boss and can change the rules of the contest, I'm announcing three runner-up winners who made me smile:

  1. The Bougalou Bear from Say What?  Oh my dog, that guess still has me smiling!
  2. Dozer & Dotti of also Say What  because lingere in those colors, well, only clowns could get turned on by that.
  3. Mack of Mack's Mess, because he guessed "moving" first, but not the full news. Also because he really seems sad about missing panytloons and jodhpurs, and I'd like to give him a Christmas wish.

Each of you will receive a pouch of Salmon Paws from Blue Planet Dog and a free pair of Juno Belle Jodhpurs jodhpurs.  Please email me at info at wilddingo.com your shipping address and include a photo of your derrière  (that's French for butt), so I can size them for you!

All of you made me laugh this week. And for those who guessed another puppy or a Swiss mountain dog puppy, you'd have to be crazy to think I'd get myself another dog. I have enough gray hairs. Anyone with more than two dogs in my book is officially whack-a-doo (but my kind of whack-a-doo).   Thank you so much for playing! I'm so glad I can take you with me to Europe via cyberspace!

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26 comments on “Wild Dingo's BIG NEWS”

  1. Dang!

    I was soooo hoping fur some of the other scenarios to play out!

    Like Wild Dingo having a Bernese Mountain Puppy!


    It's been fun knowing and NOT being able to tell!

    We khan't fur the European Adventures to khommence!

    PeeEssWoo: Khongrats to the khlever winners!

  2. Woo hoo! We are SO EXCITED for you! (and itty bitty envious). Do you like how we tried to mislead folks with the mountain dog bit? (evil grin)
    Sugar and Crazy Lady

  3. Mon Dieu!
    We are deeply honoured and grateful that our "WTH, this-is-fun", off the cuff guess should land us in winners'land.
    The Maman is actually a little misty; you see, she is French originally (we don't hold it against her too much. Usually.) and her hometown is Lyon, which is but a saut de puce, a stone's throw from Lausanne. Since reading your Big News, she's been muttering about raclette, Fendant wine and God knows what else! Good thing I am in charge here...and incidentally, I LOVE salmon.

    So, thank you, merci, danke, troppo gentile, really.
    Bonne chance, and we are so looking forward to reading about your most excellent European adventures.
    Just don't take up yodeling. Please!

  4. We had a really hard time commenting since we also knew,but it was a lot of fun reading all the guesses. We wish you all a lot of luck with the move and we hope you have a wonderful adventure while you are there.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  5. Wow, I never would have guessed moving! Especially to Switzerland! I hope you can find a good vet for Juno. I don't know anything about vet medicine in other countries. Maybe she'll be all better by the time you leave. Anyway congrats!!

    P.S. Can't wait to hear about Loki learning Schutzhund!!

  6. Hi Juno and Loki, Gee Whiz, I had to ask my mom about this place you are going to move to. She says there will be tons of snow and that it is a chocolate lovers heaven. Do you think you'll be allowed to eat chocolate there? Will all the rules be the same as here???
    Mom says they don't speak with our words. How will we be able to understand you???
    It is all very disturbing. Maybe you should just stay here with all of us.
    At least you have some time before you go. AND... you know that Santa Paws will know how to find you. WHEW

  7. Woo hoo! Thanks Wild Dingos! Darwin is quite excited to have won & loves her jodhpurs!
    You had us guessing randomly with the first 2 hints, and even the 3rd was a shot in the dark. But how exciting for your family! And can't wait to hear more about your move and see pictures in a new country!
    Thanks again for the prizes!

  8. Awesome move! Most importantly.....will you still post your daily Wild Dingo antics?! A day without Wild Dingo is like a day without strawberry jelly!

  9. Thanks for the sweet comment. Your comment about Pringles made me laugh. He's feeling better, looking more alert and curious and he did finally whine for his dinner. Unfortunately I couldn't give it to him. I want him to fast for the night. I'll post an update tomorrow, but I think he's going to be okay. 🙂

  10. Holy Crap! Make sure Mr. Wild Dingo checks out that tutor to make sure it is really for the french speaking and not you know what.

    Such a grand adventure. Can't wait to see it all play out.


  11. So that's what a fun contest is like! Darn, I thought I was doing well with my funniest dog contest. Lesson learned. 🙂
    Good thing you guys aren't moving to London. You're so lucky there's no quarantine. Don't forget to pack all your warm clothes.

  12. Wooos, Swwitzerland?!? Actually, one of the peeps my beans knows her went to Switzerland to build a honkin' big custom sailboat last year. Yodel-la-de-woo!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

  13. Wow oh wow! No wonder we didn't win the contest, we would have never guessed something that big! That is so cool. We thought we were big travelers when we moved from Texas to Washington, but you guys have us way beat! Very exciting. We can't wait to follow your travels.

  14. Oh man.. I knew it. I should have made some more guesses if I knew jodhpurs were involved. Darwin looks smashing in them. Well.. can't wait to see you with your new eau pair -sloshing the slopes, yodeling.

  15. WOW!!! What very exciting news! Hey, I teach French here at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. If I can help you pups out at all, let me know. Our great sisters were born in Belgium and lived there for 3 years with Mom and Dad before coming to the US. They visited Switzerland!
    Too cool. We hear Europe is THE place to be for pups. All kinds of travel and dining opportunities!
    Tail wags and félicitations!

  16. I need to kick Misery into action to tell you about passports - although not difficult to be honest. She may even do it soon now she has finished posting Chrissy cards 😀

  17. Thanks for stopping by and leaving barkday wishes during my Canine Cancer Comment-a-Thon (I love that name!) Moving to Switzerland! How exciting. We have a friend who works for the United Nations Health Organization in Geneva! This morning we went to the Swiss Alps Bakery for almond pastries and caffe to ponder my advice to you. The key is to always be genuine...be yourself and others will be drawn to you. Everyone loves a friendly smile and a tail wag; it crosses all international boundaries. Go for lots of walks! Visit parks! Snack at outdoor cafes! Those are great places to meet new friends. Be open to new adventures and don't constantly compare the new with what "was." Go willingly and openly into the adventure and it will change your life for the better.

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