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Saving Juno's Jodhpurs

Saving Juno's Jodhpurs

December 16, 2009
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On Tuesday, Juno went for her first physical therapy session for building up muscle in her back legs. Of all the horrors, it involved walking on a treadmill-- underwater! And unlike many dogs who do this the first time, Juno picked it up quickly and walked almost immediately, without cheating. Afterwards, she went for a round of accupucture. Her most painful areas are in the back top of the hips where the muscles are super tight and sore. The accupuncture helps the muscles relax and release soreness so she can get back to a better, stronger range of motion. And this is how us humans plan to save Juno's Jodhpurs.

Loki and Juno have a different idea about saving her jodhpurs and include clue(s) #3 in the Wild Dingo Big News Contest.


"This PT thing doesn't seem too bad. "


"WTF? I didn't know getting a bath was part of this deal. Does PT stand for Physical Torture?  Retardo Montalban, come save me!"


"I will save you my friend! I have the just the tools to help you escape. And I will conveniently forget what mom taught us about running with sharp objects."


"It's about time you arrived. Do you know how long I've been under water? I'm about to drown!"


"Oh Principessa, your jodhpurs don't look so floofy."


"I know, right? They say they're trying to save my jodhpurs but its more like they're drowing them!"

Later at The Spa:


"Principessa, I'm so happy I was able to save you from that Physical Torture. And now you can rest here at The Whole Pet Vet day spa, and chill out with accupuncture"


"Dude, this place is a spa? Huh? Where are all the refreshments?"


"I mean, a little chesese and crackers sure would make my yin channels flow nicely."


"Never fear Principessa. I always come prepared to delight you."


"Retardo, that is so not a good Pinot Noir. And grapes? Are you trying to kill me?"
"Les Femmes. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em."


Contest Prize and Rules:

The Prize from Planet Blue Dog:

chase-itChase It...Dogs Love It!
Fun for puppies, dogs, cats and people of all ages. Grab onto the ergonomic handle and move the toy in a circular, zig zag or lunging motion and watch your pets enthusiastic reaction! At first, most pets do not realize a human is activating it. A game of chase has never been this much fun! The toy is attached with a velcro strap and, therefore, is replaceable. The Chase-It collapses (telescopic) to 18" and extends to about 48".

salmon-pawsSalmon Paws
Human-Grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Unlike many other salmon treats out on the market today, it is made from 100% Pure Salmon Meat with NO Bones, Fillers or other ingredients. Only the finest salmon is used to hand-make these premium pet treats. You can try it too! It makes an excellent training treat, because it brakes up easily into small pieces without crumbling.

The winner may also receive a gift from one of the clues shown this week.


You can't win if you don't play!

  1. Contestants can enter a guess of what Wild Dingo's Big Breaking News is, as many times as they’d like in the comments section of Wild Dingo’s posts. The first contestant to guess the breaking news will win but will not be announced until Friday. So if a correct guess was made on Wednesday, it won’t be known until Friday. I know, maybe its silly, but its my contest and I’m the boss.
  2. Anybody who actually knows the breaking news can participate but they cannot guess the right answer. Instead, they get to participate in a much more sinister way. They are allowed to make as many silly guesses, completely unrelated to the actual breaking news in order to confuse real contestants.
  3.  If there is no winner, the “real” contestant who has the most creative guess, or closest guess, will be the winner.

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21 comments on “Saving Juno's Jodhpurs”

  1. Please don't defluff and drown the jodhpurs.. please. I guess I have an extra pair if you need them.

    Let's see: big clown pantaloons, a new blonde trainer, now cheese & wine.. huh- sounds like a bad movie...

  2. Love the underwater treadmill shots! I wonder what Heffner would think of that? Hmmmm....Thank you for the kind words too! Nice to know that I'm not the only dog hypochondriac!

  3. Go Juno. Let's see if entering the tank on day 2 will be as easy as day 1 since you now know what is coming. Of course, the Cheesewhiz (aka Cheoah) loves her treadmill time (sans water - which she does on her own) and will go stand on the treadmill waiting on a human to turn it on.

    Enjoying watching the guesses for the contest!

  4. I don't know about that water therapy. Looks kind of like work to me, but I guess you gals need to worry about your figures. I sure hope you got a nice blow dry to refluff yourself.

    NO RUNNING WITH SHARP OBJECTS! OK! I about had heart failure looking at those photos. Doofus!


  5. Okay, I'm a dummy. Which part is the clue? The cheese? Grapes? Swiss army knife? Wait . . . Swiss cheese!!!!! Swiss. Swiss. Swiss. Since someone already guessed Swiss Mountain Dog I'm guessing Bernese Mountain Dog or St. Bernard. Are you getting a puppy of either of those breeds?? Or adopting one? Or fostering one? Ahhhh I'm going crazy!!!! Think Swiss . . . .

  6. It sounds like Santa Paws came early for Juno. The successful therapy session was the best gift you could have.

  7. Hmm, I was going to change my guess to something else after today's clue, but then I looked up "Swiss pantaloons,' which you can buy for a baby. So I'm sticking w/baby.

    Love the extreme close-up shot of Loki! Hope the PT and accupuncture help Juno.

    Linda of Bo

  8. Hi Loki an Juno,

    Thanks for your advice on how to solve my barking problem. When my mum tried the technique you suggested before, she couldn't do it well because I was so determined that I wouldn't turn around however strongly she pulled the lead. But, I think she can do it now, because I am much more obedient than before. Actually, after writing the post you commented on, she modified her tactics and stopped making me heal rigidly. Instead, she now asks me to relax and look at her, which didn't work for me at all before but it seems to be working now.

    About your breaking news, might it be becoming a promotional character of a spa facility or something?

  9. I say everyone is headed to FRANCE!!

    Good luck with that whole underwater bathlike jogging thing Juno....and then you get NEEDLES stuck in you??

    You are the bestest, bravest doggie I know!!!

    Loki...WALK AWAY FROM THE KNIFE.....never a good idea to run with sharp things...


  10. Yikes! I don't think I would like that physical therapy, but I hope it helps you!

    I'm totally lost and have no chance of winning this contest, but it's fun to see all the guesses!


  11. Hmmm...I still say a big, fat, dopey mountain dog or puppy is in your future. Maybe a new trainer from oversees? Um, doubtful. The Wild Dingos appear to have the training under control. And, I KNOW you're not going anywhere-- you CAN NOT leave us! But a slobbering puppy? Yep, that's my educated guess...ha, ha, ha, ha (insert evil grin)...

  12. Okay, since we're allowed to guess as many times as we want, I'm going to offer another possibility: Wild Dingo will receive riding lessons from a Swiss instructor in the near future. Kinda crazy, but it does link all three clues. . .

    Linda of Bo

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