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True Love?

True Love?

December 22, 2009
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Last week this little guy came to visit with his dad who was working on our outdoor masonary project :


"Hello! My name is True. And I will be your mason today. "


 True made himself right at home and immediately used our outdoor powder room, over and over again. Loki and Juno try desperately to compute how so much liquid can come out of something so small. But they fail and can only conclude that his bladder has an infinite source of liquid.


"Dude, my dinner is bigger than you," says Juno.
"Don't be making moves on the Princess. Her bite is much worse than her bark. That is, if she barked.


True whispers sweet nothings into Juno's ear.


"A fiesty little fella! I think I like you!"


"Come a little closer sweetie so we can get to know eachother a bit better."


"What's up with you coppin' so many feels on the first date? Do you think I'm easy?"


"In that case, lets go outside, slow things down and get to know eachother."


"Like, knowing what you had for dinner."


"And getting to know the jodhpurs."


  "Back off Jack! The jodhpurs are sacred."
"Bbbbbut... my name...is... True!"

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19 comments on “True Love?”

  1. Those little terrier guys sure can get in your face. I thought that photo of you putting the smack down on him was kind of hot.


  2. Wow that True surely had some fancy moves... Butt I am wondering about his loyalty factor... I'm just sayin'.

  3. Wooos That is one little suitor woo have there, he needs to slow things down a bit, I mean really sniffing the jodhpurs on the first date, i would a nipped that little nose.....
    --Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. True, my friend, three words for you, and you can even sing them : Dona e mobile, Dona e mobile, la la la la...

  5. This makes me think of the time Steve let a pug hump him at the dog park. I was so embarrassed and tried to pretend that I didn't know Steve, let alone that I was related to him. Unfortunately, it's hard to be incognito when your human yells at you both at the same time and then refers to you collectively as "the puppies".


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