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Because I Can...

Because I Can...

January 13, 2010
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IMG_0211-1Why in the world would I take my dogs to the dog park and then make them do obedience exercises?  Because its fun. Because I'm mean. (Booowhahahha!)  Because I love our trainer's motto: obedience, anytime, anyplace, under any circumstance. Most of all, because I can.

Loki was and still is a reactive, alert dog. When I started training almost two years ago with Loki, we trained occasionally in a dog park, with a long line. Needless to say, Loki was freaked. Numerous dogs would run amok while I and Christi-Ann (our trainer) would make him do stuff like heel, long down-stays, recalls with downs half way and the biggie: down out of sight for 3 minutes. There were days when Alpha leader ("Uncle Lance" K9 Clinic owner) showed up to train us. Together we learned all about how far we could push Loki before it was time to call it a day. There were days I went home crying. I cried because deep down, I knew Loki was and is an incredibly smart dog and when he's calm and confident, he's obedient, funny, smart, alert and a great partner. Yet he acted so much like a cracker-insane freaked out dog in public. Doing a dog park exercise like this a year ago with Loki used to send me  home, bug-eyed and in need of a stiff drink.

I'm not a big fan of dog parks for a variety of reasons, but I like to expose my dogs to everything so we go to them once in a (rare) while. Today when we do these exercises, it's a game and it's fun and the pressure on Loki is so much less. He's much more confident. And because of this, he can move on to do other jobs like Search or Tracking and I can be confident when he's doing his job, his obedience will be there.

Check out the photos below and tell me if you think Loki looks stressed or upset because I'm "making" him down-stay while other dogs harass him.


"Hey man, nice big white dog you have there!"


"Ya, I know I smell good. It's called 'Prellshampoo.' You can pick it up at Walgreens."


"Oh look, there's another dude coming to say hello. Cool. I'll just stay here and let the party come to me!"


"Oh hum. I won't even let Juno Belle Jodhpurs make me look bad."


"Ha ha, Retardo! You have to stay down while I get to play! You must have been naughty."
"Cupcake, keep it coming. I'll dish out your comeuppance when mom releases me."


"Oh look at this little fella coming to say hello. He seems nice enough."


"Um, err, little fella, don't you think it's a little early in our relationship to go there?"


"Hey little fella! Where ya goin'? Can we still be friends now that our shortly-lived intimate relationship is over?"


Ok, so I'm not that mean. It's give and take. Loki is actually a very social dog and loves other dogs. So I release him to play.


Everyone check out the border collie who just came in!


"I smell a whiner! A weeeerrrmerwhiner!"


"Waiting for it..."


"And up jumped the devils!"  These two were smitten with each other.


 Look it's Dennis' cousin!


"What the hell is this thing? It smells canine, but I think it's a descendant of Chewbaca, the wookie."


"WHO is THIS charming lovely lady? Check out her pantyloons!"


Meet Isis. Thirty-five pounds of gorgeous Siberian floof. I once said I'd never have another Sibe, but every time I meet one, I fall in love with them. Isis is newly rescued, and so very good and surprisingly obedient too!


"I got your back sweetheart." says, Loki, looking out for his new girlfriend.


 Of course she should not be confused with JBJ. Isis has more floof to her back side. Khyra, on a MFT scale, what would you rate Isis' pantyloons?


Loki and Juno make friends with this pretty Doberman. Later on the doberman attacked Loki. Loki did me so proud. Instead of fighting he tucked his tail and ran. I was about 500 feet away watching it. Within the 3 seconds that it took me to discover it was aggression on the Dobbie's part, I recalled Loki and he ran to me instantly and stuck to me like glue. Loki's been proving to  me lately that he'll defer to me to settle confrontations. Which is exactly what I want him to do.


 Loki, you're the man.

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18 comments on “Because I Can...”

  1. The pictures are fantastic, but I was AGOG at the grass until I realized it's artificial turf (Please tell me it's artificial!!)

    I think it's great that you work on training at the dog park. It's a skill I wish more owners would work on!

  2. Isis keeps the beaWOOOtiful Sibe girrrrrl thang going!

    She's got some furry pawesome pantyloons too!

    Loki looked to be having so much fun!

    Of khourse, I already KNEW Juno was too!


  3. That was such a fun post, we love it when Mom cracks up laughting:) We never get to go to a dog park, can you move here before you go to Europe and help us out?

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

  4. We use the dog park on occasion, but have found we prefer the hiking. The Herd does fairly well around most other dogs, though there is always the exception that they do not like.

    Great exercise for Loki to know that he has to obey even in a stimulating setting like a dog park.

    P.S. - Come on - some day you will have a Herd of Sibes.

  5. AGOG - means amazed, in disbelief, wow!

    The artificial grass had to cost a lot of money. I can't imagine it being done in our city. We can't even get lights at some of the dog parks!

  6. No jokes here I am continually amazed at all the training you do. It's very enlightening. I myself dislike dog parks but only because I feel other people are poor judges of their own dogs behaviors. Norwood is very social but a poor greeter (at least on leash). He stares and can initiate a scuffle, especially with my presence. I call him an aggressive greeter which includes his people friendly tackling. The day camp he attends is a bit crazy.. and he gets along fine in there so I think it's me and my confidence level. And our cuz Tula's a reactive dog -learn alot thru her training too! Knowing Tula and also seeing other "normal" dogs in training class, I see many more reactive dogs than owners realize. Anyways, LOKI and mom you rock!

    Way to go you too! I think you all are amazing!

  7. What a good mom you are to make sure your pups are well behaved at all times. Momma says our manners are deteriorating during Mango Minster and that we will be on a most vigorous regime once it is over. No more banging heads to get out the door for starters. Sob.


  8. Wow!
    I am very impressed,and a teenie tiny bit envious as well, at your trainig skills and how well-behaved Loki and Juno are.
    My ultimate goal is to have a well mannered, relaxed in all kind of situation, happy Bougalou Bear but let's say we are not there yet! (Keep your Bear on leash comes to mind; I know you can relate)
    We'll get there.One of these days.(Perennial member of the Ever Optimistic Club, me)
    In the meantime, thank you for showing us The Way, O Master...

    The Bougalou Bear's Maman.

    The Bougalou Bear, on the other hand, would like to let it be known that he is NOT impressed!

  9. He looks like he's having a good time to me! Way to go!

    I don't know why you don't want to rescue another Siberian. We're only the best dogs around.

    We don't get to go to dog parks much either. Just if there are hardly any dogs there and only if Mom sees that all the other owners are paying attention. At least those are the rules if Kat goes. She has gotten into some trouble before. If it's just me, Mom doesn't worry so much.


  10. Great job with the down stay Loki!! I'm impressed and no he didn't look stressed to me, just alert.

    Isis is cute! I feel the same way when I meet other huskies. Then I just remind myself about the shedding, the escaping, the deafness, the chicken killing, etc. ;D I love the breed, but I guess I probably won't have another one either. 🙁 I think I'll stick with my group of choice. Herding dogs!

    Part of me wishes we had a dog park so my pups could socialize with other dogs, but I also worry that we might meet a dog that is aggressive or unhealthy. So maybe it's a good thing we don't have one. It's just tough when trying to work on socializing.

    Great pictures!

  11. Fun pics! we don't do dog parks anymore cause I have "iddues" with small dogs. whatever. Isis has furry nice pantyloons, she's a cutie. Looks like Loki did really well (in hunman terms) with his sit/stays. He sure has l-o-n-g legs! I think we'd have fun doing zoomies together!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

  12. hello wild dingo its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar rite that duz luk my cuzzin!!! or my brother!!! or my cuzzins brother!!! and hay wow loki is a verry verry gud dog all rite!!! ok bye

  13. Wow! I'm impressed with Loki! 🙂

    Isis is very pretty! Did I tell you that my mom furminated my pantyloons? I can't believe she did that!

    You have a really nice park! Our parks are really muddy and the grass is really long. Looks like Juno and Loki had a great day at the park! 🙂


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