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Siberian Pilates

Siberian Pilates

January 14, 2010
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IMG_0319Thigh master, low impact aerobics, Tae Bo,  Winslow Pilates, Power Yoga? They're so five-minutes ago. Siberian Pilates is all the rage.

Juno's core- strengthening routine is making her a super star. We may just have to enter her in Mango Minster in the sporty dog category. Here's a little look into what Juno's Physical Therapy looks like.

First a few jumps to warm up. Luckily, Juno is already trained (yes, a Siberian can be trained, imagine that?) to sit-stay while I call her from the other end for her to hurdle over the small jumps. Otherwise, most dogs would just wak around them.

Yes, small jumps for hip dysplasia is not a bad idea. Walking over them, which we did before this, is even better because it forces  her to lift her knees to her belly, developing core strength.


"Are you kidding me with this? Give me a real challenge Mom!"

We move to the air matress and two feet on the ball. Jenny, her PT, moves the air mattress around so Juno has to stabalize. Juno gave her many kisses to show her how much she liked her training techniques.


After working up a sweat, her trainer gives her a cold chicken broth ice cube.
"This is more like it! Hey, Physical Torturer, stop making waves. I'm getting sea-sick!"

Then we move to working her core in "sit pretty" on the air mattress.


"Dude, you keep hanging onto that broth cube 'cuz it's going to be MINE real soon."

Finally, the ball. By now, Juno's a pro and gets right up on it. O.k. sometimes we have to coax her.


"This ball is comfy!"

The piece de resistance: Sit Pretty on the Ball or "Assis sur la boule joli!" (For "French Friday")


"Come to momma chicken broth cube!"

After core strengthening, Juno gets an aerobic workout on 3 sets of 5 minutes of underwater walking. Actually, the resistence treadmill is for strengthening her weak inner thighs.


"Will somebody please make sure to re-floof my jodhpurs when we are through here? I can't been seen in public with soaking jodhpurs!"

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23 comments on “Siberian Pilates”

  1. Oh woo huzzy!

    Is a wet tshirt khontest next as woo work The Judge fur Mango Minster 2010?

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing your PiLATES with us!

  2. Well my mom is impressed. Mom's been trying to teach me that stupid "Sit pretty" thing with my paws in the air too. I'm a BOY dog & BOY dogs don't "sit pretty". But woo look hot doing it, Juno! BTW, I'l come fluff your jodhpurs fur woo anytime!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

  3. Wow, I am amazed. One - how well you are doing on your rehab and two - all the tricks that you're using in your rehab.

    I think someone needs to make some videos!

  4. hello wild dingos its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is like wot my frend frum flyball duz!!! water therapee is suppozd to be verry gud for wot ails yoo but i think i wil stil try to stay dry!!! by the way if yoo like mulder and scully yoo mite want to luk at my weekly satterday matinays frum wen i first enkownterd them it starts rite heer!!! ok bye

  5. Wow!! I had no idea you could do all of this. Is this place a SPA? I think it must be very much fun to do all that stuff... and it makes you healthy? Who would have thought? I'm just sayin'.

  6. Wooos!That looks like fun,I took a jumping class that was a blast and I really like the water treadmill, I have got to get me one of those! I am still not to sure about the ball thingy though......
    -Kira The BeaWoootiful

  7. I think my mom should get me a ball like that so I can do my exercises. I have to say, Juno looks much happier in the watermill than she looked the first time you showed a picture of her in there!


  8. Juno, we are really impressed with your athleticism. That ball looks like a lot of fun. You are so lucky to have such great training.

    Woos and happy weekend, Phantom and Thunder

  9. Oh my God, Juno - I am SO impressed!!!! First of all, thank you to your humans (and way to go for you!) for showing everyone that it is RUBBISH Siberians cannot be trained - all those breed excuses that people are always giving! 👿 Secondly, WOW! I have never seen a dog balancing in a Swiss ball like that! You are so good! I have trouble even doing a beg/balance on normal flooring - don't know how you do it on an air mattress! Your rehab programme looks absolutely fantastic and your therapist seems to really wonderful and working so patiently with you! Wish there was something like that near me - even if I don't need rehab, I'd like to learn all these cool things you're doing!

    Honey the Great Dane

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