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NitWit Rapids

NitWit Rapids

January 24, 2010
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It's been raining cats and dogs here in Northern California. Loki, Juno and I barely sneak out for an hour in between storms on our walks to the tree farm or school. NitWit Bridge has class 4 rapids running below it. Well, class 4 for a squirrel I guess since the river is a bit small. Regardless of it's size, the river's sounds are really loud which is kind of  awsome to hear on a hike just outside your back door.

We have a bunch of no-tresspassing signs all over the property for liablitiy reasons. However, Mr. Wild Dingo felt it was important to warn any trespassers that NitWit Bridge is not engineered. He posted this sign on both ends.  Now if I wasn't a home builder, I'd be all like, "What the hell does that even mean? Who cares if it doesn't have an engine? As long as it's stable enough to hold me up, I'm crossing."  Because I'm a little like the Sibe when I hike and would probably ignore this sign.  Still, I think it's funny that Mr. Wild Dingo thinks everyone knows what "bridge engineering" means.

"Mom, we read the sign Pop put up but we've crossed this about 87,000 times now. So let's go!"

"Oh but before you do, would you mind sweeping the pathway? Wet leaves on the planks are dangerous!"
I leave a broom  near the bridge with good intentions to sweep it regularly. Regularly for me is about twice a year.
"Princepessa, if I had opposable thumbs, I would sweep it for you!"

"Hey Daddy-O. Quit your squirrel patrol and lift your dogs. We ain't got all day."

"I don't know cupcake. Let me noodle it out. Those rapids are lookin' a bit scary."
"Retardo,I don't buy your cheap act. Two bully sticks says you're whistling through the graveyard."

"You're right Princepessa. I fear nothing.  But I will proceed with caution on this slippery plank."

"Ladies first!"


"Err, Mom?  Why do you look so queezy?"

That's why.

We like this bridge much better. It's called "Not NitWit Bridge."

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17 comments on “NitWit Rapids”

  1. That bridge looks totally PAWSOME with the river under it and everything. I would gladly go over it, but I would be kinda afraid my mom's big ole bootay might not make it across!

  2. tremendous! that is our kind of adventure! i think you should run the other way if you come across a bridge that IS engineered--hehehe--those are probably more dangerous--hahaha! gorgeous pics of the 2 of you beautiful dogs!

  3. that bridge looks like it's meant for a chi like moi; our 2 & 3leggers are too big and scared to cross that.....well, they're hoomans after all bol.......

    you two are gorgeous ( at least that's what my mumster wants me to add!!!)

  4. How can you even think of leaving such a beautiful place? I wouldn't cross that bridge on a bet, butt it surely is GORGEous. hehehe I'm just sayin'

  5. I'm not a big fan of bridges in general, and any bridge that doesn't have an engine? Well, I think I'll cross it right off my list! That stream looks pretty exciting, though! Good luck in getting your bipeds to clean the leaves for you!

    *kissey face*

  6. Mom knew exactly what the sign meant. Of course, she is an engineer.

    Those are some scary rapids. I'm sure glad the non-engineered bridge didn't pick today to display it's not-engineered-ness. (We like to make up words.)

  7. we looked and looked in the picture of the rapids but found no cats to go with the dogs..they must have been washed downstream after falling from the ski.
    you couldn't give us enough cheese to cross that bridge in the rain.
    Aria and Max

  8. I don't think the Siberian Safety Code Book says anything about crossing non-engineered bridges, or engineered ones either, so I say, go fur it!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo & maybe moo

  9. Mom says she is not an engineer but that sign coupled with the sounds would definitely keep her from crossing it. Thunder would off in a shot to cross but Phantom would be more cautious.

    Hope your weather is improving.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  10. At least it isn't one of those swaying bridges! Although I still think I might hesitate to cross. Somehow I don't think I realized how narrow it was until I saw Juno and Loki walking side by side down it lol.

  11. Wow, I know that my cautious canine, K, would never ever cross that bridge. Big wide and low ones challenge her. Oh my!

    BTW, I believe that it was you who asked about how I train my dogs not to chase wildlife. I'd be very happy to tell you all about it (if it was you who asked - I've been on a lot of pain meds lately and keep forgetting important stuff). But, the methods taught to me by my awesome trainer Gigi really work if you stick with them. Now, both R and K see deer and elk as a 'cue' to turn to me to receive a jackpot of treats. Gigi told me that we'd eventually reach this point, and I didn't believe her. But, it's true!

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