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In Like a Lion

In Like a Lion

March 2, 2010
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This month's masthead celebrates the weather we seem to be experiencing across the U.S. Even in Northern California, March has rolled in on a week of more rain and storms.

The photo's of the dogs actually come from the same photo taken in November when Juno was allowed to come home from her 5-day stay in the hospital.Β  Here she is taunting Loki out of a "down-stay" that i was making him do while she happily ran around. As you can see, she was victorious.

β€œHey big boy, Mom says you have to stay down, but can you resist THIS?”

It also is a nice methaphore for how there's a little bit of the lion and the lamb in both these beasts!

Sigh. Let's just hope March rolls out like a lamb. I'm actually sick of the rain!

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15 comments on “In Like a Lion”

  1. I hope you get your March Lamby wish. My snow is STARTING to melt... and today I saw 3 robins.
    I got an email today from someone who had read your comment about Dawgy Daytime Drama thingy. She was laughing soooooo hard that she made about 87 TO's. You have a very much grrrreat sense of humor!!! Thanks for the continuing laugh.

  2. I think the lamb may be bleating its way in! There's blue out our window as I type, although there were torrents this am! And our plum tree is in huge bloom! Fingers and paws crossed, although I hear we need even more argghhhh!
    xo Sammie

  3. You and me both. We did see the sun today. Hooray! How annoying to have a most tempting bouncing doggie when you are minding your own business and working hard on your down / stay.


  4. What's up with all the beautiful new banners I keep seeing? I guess I need one too. Loki, I can't believe you would have body-guarded me. What a terribly sweet offer. I'm sorry I missed out although I think you probably need lots to eat and I had only packed a handful of kibble for the entire trip. I didn't know about Juno's illness but I read the post (and I won't tell your doctor πŸ˜‰

  5. Snowing here today - about 6 more inches added today. The Herd is almost getting nonchalant about this weather. They are laying here going, "Snow flurries - March has come in like such a lamb." The Humans are like - June - where is June?

  6. hello wild dingo its dennis the vizsla dog hay we hav gottin more rayn down heer in sandy eggo then i hav ever seen before!!! eeven the sky wuz gitting tired of it and komplaynd!!! mama and dada sed it wuz just thunder but i no better!!! ok bye

  7. I had no idea it was reinforcing either!!! When I would look at him and praise him while he was in the perfect position you could just tell he was eating it up. Glad I stumbled onto that one. πŸ™‚ I'm going to try to get a video soon, but my hubby is sick, so it could be a while depending on how he's feeling.

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