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Juno the Siberador Retriever

Juno the Siberador Retriever

March 2, 2010
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Many of Wild Dingo's regular readers have come to know Juno to have a, um, "taste" for shoes.

"I have no idea what you are referring to, Mom. I found these shoes like this."

"Ah Principessa! You're the "naughty dog" for once! The shoe is on the other foot. Err,  rather its in your bellllaaaay! Tee-hee!"
"Stuff it big boy. Evidence is circumstantial. Nobody saw me do it. That is, if you ever want to see your favorite blankey again, then nobody saw me do it."

Sigh.For all the shoes that Juno has eaten in our house (honestly, I lost count, but I'm down to 2 pairs of Danskos and I had 5 pairs of them), she really does have some redeeming qualities. And thank DOG for that.

You see, she actually is a rare Siberian. They don't make Siberians like this one. She actually enjoys training. I swear to Dogs! You'll have to just see for yourself!


Here she is learning to retrieve! Yes, you read it here first: a Siberian Husky who retrieves! The truth is, Juno actually learned to pick up the dumbbell faster than the dumbbell himself, err, I mean the GS/FMD working dog himself, Loki. She put her mouth around it the first chance she saw it and never stopped learning to take it further. Again, I can't tell you how hard it is to do a true retrieve with a dog. And to do it with a Siberian, well, it just makes me verklempt!  Here she is first learning to pick up the dumbbell:

Did you see her wagging her tail? She loves this stuff! And unlike Loki when he first learned to bring me an object he'd throw the object at me, Juno instinctively placed it in my hands, gently. One time, she even kissed me before her reward! She must have a bit of Labrador in her. Moosh would have loved her!

And here she is stepping up her game in her retrieve work outside. She starts to pick it up off the ground and bring it to me. Plus, she actually manages to walk away from me to get the item and bring it back to me. A true retrieve!

And finally, here is Juno doing some more off-leash heeling work. You can see the Siberian come out in her here when she decides to offer up other behaviors.  She's so playful about it, it's hard not to giggle along and reward her for it!

Hmmm... I wonder if I can get her to retrieve my Danskos? What do you think Internet? Should I be so bold to teach her to put my shoes in her mouth? Or do you think she's already mastered that part?

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21 comments on “Juno the Siberador Retriever”

  1. Hey! Send Juno to visit Maggie and Mitch. Their dad has about 10,000 pairs of shoes. I am sure he wouldn't miss two or three.


  2. She is so NOT a siberian - Juno, what are you doing to us??? Mom wants to know what is in your pocket that is so desirable?

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Woo definitely need to get a second Siberian, that poor girl is very confused about how her breed should behave. Are woo bribing her with top-grade goodies?

    jack a-roo and moo too

  4. Wooos Juno! We are proving to the world that woo can train Mums to give us treats for doing silly things they get so pleased about! Wooo woooo wooo!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful, CGC, CD, CDX!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Juno -

    The Herd and I are still working on a plan to get you to safety -

    Please be patient - we'll make sure to get woo deprogrammed too -

    P, N, & J,
    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. I'm back because I forgot to thank you for the elaborate answer to my question about updating the banner. I got more information than I asked for and I'm thankful for all of it, since it was all news to me. I had seen all your mastheads and I loved them all, but just now I realized you had one for each month, so this was a "personal" thing.
    Thanks again.

  7. Ruh roh...shoe chewing. EEK!

    Nice job on the retrieve, we just put Sagira through that class and I know how challenging it can be.

  8. Oh my dawg, Juno, you are so gentle with the dumbbell! You know how retrievers are taught to not bruise the bird, after the kill? I wonder if Juno would make a good retriever? She's a fast learner, and very careful with whatever she holds in her mouth. Sugar is not that delicate with her prey.

    As with Loki, I love the excitement in your voice and positive reinforcement you use, during training. It, literally, puts a smile on my face!

    btw, did you notice Loki's ears in the first video? They're like giant radio receivers, antennas or satellites. LOL.

  9. @Karen, YUP! i totally noticed his ears. totally tuned in but relaxed. that's my dogs. they know to stay put but pay attention!

  10. Are those jodhpers turning blonde? I tried getting norwood to bring me my kiss but having problems with him wanting to move beyond touch to putting keys in mouth. My key chain has a small lupine dog leash key chain and I encourage him to grab that part.. but I have no patience. So.. with that said.. very impressive you too. Even criminals can have good work ethic.

  11. Oh Juno - I'm just so continually impressed with you and your great trainer! That is a fantastic retrieve - and first time too! It took my human ages to teach me to retrieve. I would pick up stuffies & other soft things happily but it took me a while to pick up the hard dumbbell and hold it in my mouth. Hsin-Yi had to use a clicker to train that slowly. I do love my dumbbell now, though, and gallop out to it like a crazy dog to retrieve it! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. You will NEVER be a HULA Hoop member doing those types of things. Get with the program! The only thing saving you from disgrace is the shoe thing, keep that up.


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