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Making Friends

Making Friends

March 25, 2010
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It's Tree Farm week at Wild Dingo. At the Tree Farm, we run into many friendly peeps and their dogs on the trail.

"Come on slackers! I don't have all day! There are squirrels to chase and things to smell!"

"Mom, haven't you learned about huskies off leash yet? Sheesh. Sometimes I think you only bring me along to use me for my herding skills."

Or not...  As the Internet can see below, Loki is hardly herding Juno. Instead they hear and smell potential friends in the trail above. Before you know it, both dogs go investigate and my "herding" dog forgets who he is.

"Principessa! Do you smell what I smell?"
"Yes sir, big boy! Let's do it!"

And here are the happy boys that they found:

"Oh boy these are my peeps! GSDs! They kind of look like me, but bigger!" (And furrier.)

"Listen tan boy, I told you I'm NOT that way! I only go for girls. Usually chi-wow-wows."

"That's right tan boy, go to your momma for some kisses. I don't kiss the boys!"

"Hey, dude! It's like we're long lost cousins. Or something."

Ever the charmer he is, Loki presents his stinkin' end for a scratch. "Ya, that's right, a little to the left there sweetie pie."

"Just cuz your boy came back, doesn't mean you have to stop cupcake!"

And where was the sibe in all of this? She came, flirted briefly with the boys and then did what huskies do best:

find trouble!

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16 comments on “Making Friends”

  1. Uh-oh, what trouble did Juno find? I was scare to visit your blog today. I thought you would have left that sticker on my Loki. 🙂

  2. Awww...those GSD's are very handsome boys! I have a really good GSD friend back in Auckland - she'd love to get me to chase her but she was so fast, I could never catch her! 🙂

    Looks like a fantastic walk - what a great place!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. I wonder if she felt out of place, not being a GSD. My best through the fence friend is both GSD and Huskie. She could probably hang out with both of you.

    wags, Lola

  4. Hey! Juno just didn't want any incriminating photos of her with those sheppy dogs. Nothing wrong with that.

    Great angling for the butt scratch Loki. I do the same thing if I meet a human I like. Offer my butt. Humans are so dense. It is the ones I am wary of that I keep my face towards.


  5. Look at that green grass! I'm afraid that I might have missed most of the story line as I stared at it with envy. It's snowing, again, here. We have multiple feet on the ground, and NO GREEN.

    Please, oh please, keep up the green photos with the beautiful dogs!

  6. Loki, do you think that flower on your bottom may have sent the wrong message to some pups?

    Now do tell, WHAT did Juno find???

    Happy Friday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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