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Welcome Home Big Daddy!

Welcome Home Big Daddy!

March 27, 2010
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After three long weeks, Mr. Wild Dingo returned home. Both dogs were ecstatic. Even Juno showered him with kisses and wiggles, though she usually saves them only for me. So yesterday we went on a family walk to the tree farm so we could show Big Daddy how well behaved these two could be off-leash.

Mr. Wild Dingo poses for the first shot off the top of our property near our well. Pretty soon, we'll have to have it cleared for the summer for fire hazard and to keep the area open for future crops. The evil duo looks for deer on the trail above us.

Forgive his sweats Internet, the guy has been traveling 3 countries in 3 weeks. I'm lucky he's out with us.

"Oh this is a nice shot," I tell Mr. Wild Dingo, who looks at it disapprovingly. "Don't worry, I can cut you out of it," I reassure him. Oopsie. My photoshop tool slipped and accidentally left him in the shot.

We let the evil duo off leash for a bit and played recall games. Juno made a huge liar out of me and recalled to Mr. Wild Dingo 100% better than she ever recalls to me at the tree farm. Damn sibe.

So Mr. Wild Dingo ups the ante and tries both dogs. First the set up.
"Pop, do you mean I have to sit too," asks Loki.
Juno has to think about it to make sure he means it, but she sits.

"Principessa, if you're tongue grows any longer, you may be able to catch some flies."
"Cork it stud-muffin. I've been runnin' circles around your bad-ass."

Mr. Wild Dingo recalls. And the Tree Farm Derby begins!  "Last one there is a rotten egg!"

Too close to call!

Both are winners in the Christmas Tree Farm Derby.

Gratuitious "green" shot for KB. Don't worry KB. There's a reason they call California the "Golden State." It doesn't stay green for long!
"Princess, get back here right now or Pop is gonna get really mad!"
"Ha-ha Retardo! I can do no wrong in Pop's eyes!"

Here's a shot I never get tired of. My GS/FMD always checking back in with me, on his own. Good boy Loki!
"Hey Mom, you want me to go drag her back here by the neck? Can I? Please? Can I?"

A wolf at the tree farm! Quick! Someone call the authorities. Oh wait, it's wearing 2 collars. Who would put collars on a wild animal like this wolf?

"Hey Princess, Pop so likes me much better than you!"
"No way Retardo. I have him wrapped around my paw and my tail. All I have to do is run away from him and he comes to me! How about that?"
I wonder where she learned that from? I think Juno is picking more up in school than we do sometimes.

On the way home. I call this "Not NitWit Bridge" and Mr. Wild Dingo calls it "Mini NitWit Bridge." Whatever. If you jump off it, you may stub your toe.

Down the steep trail. You can see a little tube sticking up to the right. That's some underground electrical wires to pump our well that is at the top of the property which is behind Mr. Wild Dingo in this shot. When we first got these two, it was impossible to walk them up or down steep areas, as they'd pull and make us fall.  But by now Loki has learned to walk behind us on the way down steep slopes. Probably because I fall so much. And Juno has learned to walk slowly next to us. Those are my good dogs!

Mr. Wild Dingo is brave and lets both dogs lead on NitWit Bridge. I know way better and let Juno lead, and Loki follows behind me, single file. Otherwise, they get too playful and try to push eachother off!

Here comes the kisses.

Ya, it sucks to live in the forest sometimes. I'm not so good with the camera. The lighting makes it look like some sort of 70's shot.

Back at home before the back yard.
"Hurry up mom. My mouth is a desert here!"
"Princess are my ears up straight?"
Loki can be such a girl sometimes.

"WTF? Holy crap, Pop we're like on a mountain of ants here!"

"That's ok. I can take a nail through my foot, tap joints without sedation and a GS/FMD bite to the neck. I think I can handle a couple of ants."
"Cupcake, you're a bigger man than me!"

We just found out Mr. Wild Dingo flies out again on Monday for 4 more days. Sigh. We just got him back. Oh well, as we found out in Juno's case, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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17 comments on “Welcome Home Big Daddy!”

  1. Beautiful pictures. You all live in a fantastical place. Mr. Wild Dingo must miss it as well as all of you when he's gone. Glad you had this nice day all together.

    wags, Lola

  2. Welcome back, Mr. Wild Dingo. Nice to see your cone is off. Hehehe. That Juno! Sheesh! What a suck up doing her recalls and whatnot.

    I was a little scared when I saw that wolf with two collars too! Next thing you know you'll see a wolf in a sports bra.

    Loki! You are looking extra handsome in this photo shoot for sure. Don't ever let Juno cramp your style.


  3. Great post - we just love the narrative:) Mom says that Not Nitwit Bridge is just her style 🙂 Hope Mr. Wild Dingo gets to stay home for a while after this one.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a great family day. My dogs love when their Dad comes home from a trip. I'm forgotten, me the one who feeds and takes care of boo boos. Oh well.

  5. Very smart of you to get pictures while Mr.Wild Dingo is home - photographic proof you weren't just dreaming! Woos, impressive shot of the Nit Wit Bridge crossing.

    jack a-roo & moo too

  6. Oh man, that's a lot of travel. I'm glad that you had the weekend together.

    I actually lived in CA for a while, in the east bay near Berkeley so I know how fast that grass turns "golden". It's just that we keep getting hammered by snow so I'm dying for some green!

    Looked like you had a fun hike!

  7. I'm glad to know I'm not the only Sibe who has to think twice before she sits. My teacher asked me if I was 80 years old because it took me so long to sit during the sit game in school. It's not that I wasn't doing it, it's just that I took forever to do the full motion.


  8. How lovely to have the whole family together again! Although such a shame he has to leave so soon again - what on earth kind of job does he do??!!

    Looks like the dogs had a great time on that walk! I love that picture of Juno looking down - so cute!


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