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Friday Randoms

Friday Randoms

April 23, 2010
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We're getting ready for a busy weekend, starting with a day of errands downtown with the beasts today, then all-day training on Saturday hopefully followed up by Sunday morning SAR practice with Loki. I haven't done SAR with him in months. I hope he knows what to do!

Here are a few random photos to hold me and Mr. Wild Dingo over through the weekend.

Tree farm walk. In the background there's a view of a very expensive estate. I think it is actually on the same road as our home but you can't see it from the road. I've walked close to it before and can catch glimpses of the green grass that Loki and Juno are dying to get their paws on. I've heard the person has a stable of 40 cars. Mountain gossip. You gotta love it!

"Hey Handsome, why don't you and me make a break and bee-line for that lovely estate of grass back there."
"Princess, I just do what mom tells me. I'm sorry. I can't help it. It must be in my DNA."

Here's a view I never get tired of. Two pals, side by side:

And close up the jodhpurs sway in the wind and Loki's apple bottom steadily stays by her side.

"Come-on Loki, show me your adventerous side. Let's blow this popsicle stand and find some real action."
"Princess, this here piece of grass smells adventerous enough to me!"

Rules are rules at Wild Dingo: no crossing doorways or gateways unless otherwise told. Loki never disobeys this rule. Juno? She's very good at forgetting it. But its my own fault. I can't help but laugh instead of correct her when I see her innocently step out and gaze her head side to side with her open mouth smile as if she's done nothing wrong. Tresspass first, ask forgiveness later. That's her training mantra.

"I'm waiting Mom. And I'm watching Princess for you too. Just in case."
"Retardo, did you take your anti-delusion medicine today? Like you're the boss of me. Um, not."

"Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful."

"I see you Big Boy!"

Resting up for the weekend. I'd love to say Loki does this pose out of love, but truthfully, he'll do anything to be comfortable. But Juno tolerates it because she actually loves him.

"Possession is nine-tenths of the law, one tail of a husky."
"Keep dreamin' Big Boy."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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12 comments on “Friday Randoms”

  1. Your post today demonstrated once again how well trained Juno and Loki both are. Thank you soooo much for the detailed email. I read it carefully and I'm going to read it once more because I found it so valuable, and so did my mommy. We can't be so disciplined in our home partially because we're a mixed home and there's six of us, partially because Twinkie is handicapped and we don't know her limits... We do the best we can. I miss you guys more than you can imagine. I've gotten to the point that I get both excited to read your comments and feel instant guilt for not stopping by more frequently. Today was quite a treat. Thank you again for the lengthy explanation. We've only had one trainer and she's fairly new at it. Oh, as far as the smelling the field is concerned, it's real tough since I train inside PETCO and that's where I'll have my test. Any idea how many doggies a day leave great smells in there? BOL
    A grateful Frankie

  2. I have never in my life seen sooooo many Fir trees... How do you ever "make it around" to all of them??? Gallons of water????

  3. That third picture got to me! I love their tails! It's like a question mark and an exclamation point there.

    I don't blame Loki one bit for making a pillow out of that tail!

  4. Mom says she has this strange feeling your description of Juno is a foretelling of Ciara's future:) Testing all the time and then that adorable smile - who, ME?

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Ha! I am not supposed to go into the sleepy room, but when I come to the door and just every so delicately put my toe in the room, mooma is laughing too hard to scold me. Not Master! Sheesh! He has no sense of humor.

    Love that big old estate in the background. We think you should visit.


  6. Nice to get a dose of Jodhpurs and the FMD for the weekend en Suisse (although I can see Mt Blanc from my office today - its not so bad here). Off to Shanghai tomorrow, so I need another post by Weds s'il te plaît.

  7. Your Tree Farm park place is just gorgeous!! Wish I could come and run around with you guys...

    I have similar rules too here - like lately I have started being naughty and stepping out the front door as soon as it's open because I KNOW there are possums out there (esp at night!) so Hsin-Yi has started getting strict with me again...the last couple of times, I've had the door bang shut on my nose when I didn't wait for my release word...OUCH! 👿

    Honey the Great Dane

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