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Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

April 21, 2010
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It's a bit early but Loki and Juno have begun to plan for the big move.

"Hey Princess, since we'll be living near a lake, should I pack my float-able toys?"
"Dude, we live 15 minutes from the ocean now. You've never swam in it. What do you think?"

"Princepessa, I don't think this suitcase is big enough for me."

"Nonsense. Just squish down a little more and we'll get you in the overhead compartment just fine."
"I donno Princess. It seems like a tight squeeze."

"You're right. Those ridiculously large ears push you into the over-sized luggage category. Let me think..."

"Wait a minute. I have an idea. Let me just go get this here item ..."

"Voila! A fashionable way to pack your ears."

"Don't you think it's a little girly for me?"
"Negative. That flower is fly."

"And my Indiana Jones attire is straight from the fridge, dad."

"Princess, this is highly unsatisfactory."

"Oh, all right. Take the hipster hat you big cry baby."

"Not. A. Word.  If you wannna live to see another day."
"I wasn't gonna say anything, Princess. Honest."

 "Hey Princess, so if I'm traveling in this suitcase, how are you traveling?"
"Don't you worry your easily-beleaguered brain, big boy."

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19 comments on “Planning Ahead”

  1. I guess there's no choice but to fly. Juno and Loki must both insist on first class. There's really no other way to go, especially for long flights.

    wags, Lola

  2. Woooos! I think first class is the only way to go. I like the Indy Jones hat!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. ROTFL! Our mom really likes this one! We don't get what's so funny, flying first class is so Siberian. Does anyone seriously think Siberians would go any other way???

    jack a-roo & moo too

    PS from mom- such funny pictures! really enjoyed this one!

  4. Hew pups! You look very sophisticated and ready to join the jet set with those hats! I am glad to see this is not one of those terrible times when the bags come out but you stay home! Momma thought you already moved though... Guess your adventure is still to come though. Hope it goes well!

  5. I think you are on the right track. Have you ever seen the TV show, "I Love Lucy"? It's one of my mom's favs. Anyway, there is one episode where Lucy wants to take some cheese back to America from Europe but it weighs too much and Ricky doesn't want to pay the fee. So Lucy wraps it up like a baby. Lots of comedy ensues. The point of that is that maybe if you keep up with the dressing up, you can ride in the main cabin instead of cargo.


  6. Perfect I have an idea look, we knew it would be a good one, and a good job evicting the human from first class; you totally deserve that seat . Loki also needs company in his travel crate so that should work out for everyone.

    Nice hats and dont forget your pool noodles.

    Remy and Flash

  7. Oh my goodness, that picture of you wearing the hat, with your paws crossed, is just hilarious, Loki! 😆

    Hee! Hee! Europe's doggies are just not going to know what's hit them when you two arrive on the scene!! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

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