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Suisse Update

Suisse Update

April 15, 2010
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A lot of you are probably wondering when we're moving. We're wondering too but there's not a whole lot we actually know yet. Mountains of bureaucracy has made getting our Swiss Work Visas more difficult than we anticipated. But we are still on track to move. We drove a 3-hour round trip in the non-stop storm to the city on Monday to meet with the Swiss consulate for exactly 3 minutes. We brought all sorts of proof-of-identity and anticipated an in-depth interview on why we needed a work Visa. But the clerk only scanned our passports and sent us on our way. Our applications were not processed yet, but she expected them to be processed and completed within the next few weeks. That's all we know.

In other news, we found out Swiss Air will be starting direct flights to Zurich in June, which makes it a whole lot easier on us to fly with the dogs. No airlines will fly an animal with a layover. We were planning to drive to and fly from L.A. But now that's one less leg of the trip we have to worry about.

And Loki and Juno remain up to their usual mischief causing quite a stir outside the Swiss Consulate:

Meanwhile, at the consulate's office, I picked up about 37 thick brochures on Switzerland. As I picked them out, Mr. Wild Dingo claimed that I did not need "Gourmet Switzerland." Silly Mr. Wild Dingo! Internet, can you believe he actually thinks I'm going to cook while I'm on my two-year vacation?


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19 comments on “Suisse Update”

  1. LOL....I'm with you on the not cooking! There are faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too many good foreign dishes to try to waste your time on just regular fare!

  2. Heck, if I was lucky enough to be going to live in Switzerland, you can bet I'd be eating very well! I didn't know you were moving, but I wish you a lot of fun and luck!

  3. Ruh roh, I hope that the dog-visa granting agencies don't read your blog. They'll be worried about whether those two hoodlums are actually terrorists!!! 🙂

    I didn't know about your move... It sounds exciting.

  4. Gosh, I just hate all that bureaucracy, don't you?! I sometimes think they make you jump through hoops just for the fun of it! I can't believe you drove so long and all that way for just 3 minutes!!!

    Ooh - I would have been with you on the brochure front! 😉 It always drives Paul nuts that whenever we arrive at any airport (including our home one!) I have spend ages by the tourism counter collecting all the brochures! Hee! hee!

    Thanks for the update - and really hoping that everything goes smoothly for you in the next few weeks. Can't wait to start sharing your Big Adventure. Europe! Am so jealous! Would love to live for 2 yrs in Europe - the most dog-friendly place in the world!! (Hey, do you visit Homer the Golden Retriever? He has moved about 6 times already and is currently living in Milan, having just moved over from Holland. I love reading his blog and am so envious of all the things his humans can do with him and places they can take him. They are really experienced with this whole moving around Europe thing so if you don't know them yet, might be worth you popping over to say hi! His blog is in our sidebar.)


  5. That's going to be such a cool experience! (Juno, did woo catch that.... a "cool" experience?) Ha-roo roo roo. Can hardly wait to see Loki in his Swiss Miss attire. Seriously, Loki, I'll pass along some good advice - "Don't be a girly-man". Ha-roo roo!

    ~jack a-roo

  6. Hello! Hello! Hello!

    First of all, WELCOME TO EUROPE!

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. It's always good to 'meet' new friends in the cyberworld. How's your preparation for the BIG MOVE! Excited??? Nervous??? Stressful??? When are you guys coming?

    Please let us know if we can help. Oh, the bureaucracy is TERRIBLE in Europe (it's normal). Do your humans speak Deustche or Francais???

    You are sooooooo going to love Europe!!!!


  7. Here's hoping it all gets worked out so you can get on with the move. We too are very excited to see the Princess in sweaters and booties:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Loki, I'm with Juno on this one. Why don't you leave the paperwork with Juno and come join Frankie and me. We looove big dogs and you love lil' ones...so think about it. See if Juno can get you a CA visa!

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