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Whacked, Cracked and Ready to be Smacked

Whacked, Cracked and Ready to be Smacked

April 14, 2010
Posted in: Totally Random | Reading Time: 1 minute

"Hey sugar lips. Looks like I got you behind the eight ball. Are you going to make a move?"
"You must be cruisin' with your lights on dim if you think you have me cornered."

"Put an egg on your paw and beat it big boy or I'll smack you down!"
"Baby, it gives me a large charge when you get mad."

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17 comments on “Whacked, Cracked and Ready to be Smacked”

  1. Better close that mouth before something flies in. Nice toofers, though. Maybe you can be a tooth model for doggie dental care.


  2. We hope Mr Wild Dingo is safely home and not stuck somewhere, caught up in that icelandic volcano mess...

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